"Gun-Town USA" vs. "Gun-free Zone"

An article juxtaposing the success and failure of two different approaches to crime control in the towns of Morton Grove, Ill, and Kennesaw, Ga, in the early 80’s.

The statistics aren’t surprising. Kennesaw, Ga, required that every head of household own and maintain a gun. Morton Grove, Ill, banned guns for anyone not in law enforcement. The result?:

Between 1982 and 2005 the population of Kennesaw, Ga, went from 5242 to 28,189. And immediately after the “pro-gun” law was passed, crime began to move steadily down from an above average 4.3% to a well below average 2%. So population more than quintupled and per capita crime came down by more than half.

In contrast, in Morton Grove, after completely banning guns in town (“we’re just saying you can’t carry a gun IN TOWN”) crime shot up almost immediately 15% while the surrounding county’s crime only went up. It stands now at 2.3%, with a slightly lower population than it had in 1981.

It makes one wonder whether the “Gun-free Zone” status of Virginia Tech helped anyone this past Monday.

And one (and last) comment on the Virginia Tech killings: NBC’s “sensitive” handling of materials glorifying a killer makes the “insensitive” comments of Don Imus seem pretty mild. No wonder their ratings have been in the tank lately.

Update: Blog Idaho relays some Ted Nugent wisdom.


3 Responses to “"Gun-Town USA" vs. "Gun-free Zone"”

  1. Rip Says:

    A couple of Hokies (my wife and me) have been debating gun control throughout the week in wake of this tragedy. And, if you know anything about me, you know which side of the debate I am on (against gun control). Thanks for this link; I’ll make sure she reads it.

    Agreed regarding the NBC fiasco. I avoided the network (and all news tv) like the plague after hearing they were airing parts of the “package” and am amazed that they can keep a straight face when saying “we’re just trying to help everyone understand”.

    To pull words from an old Dylan song, “It’s easy to see without looking too far that not much is really sacred”.

  2. Cajun Tiger Says:

    It makes one wonder whether the “Gun-free Zone” status of Virginia Tech helped anyone this past Monday?


  3. MOM Says:

    Rip and Cajun Tiger,

    I, too, am for the right to bear arms, being a former John Birch Society member, where many Lithuainian-American members assured us that their plight would have been different if they had had arms. If Switzerland mandates that its citizens form a civilian militia (with guns), and with little violence because of the mandate, why can’t we rise to Switzerland’s standard? Switzerland has a population of 7.5 million. We have more than 300 million. Sooner or later with the larger population sample there will be aberrants. I’m sorry for the victims of this latest fiasco, though.

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