Those Snotty French!

Pre-Iraq War, when the US media was attempting to portray the French as the single obstacle at the UN for US invading Iraq, I remember defending the French by telling lunatics that it was also the Germans, Russians, Candians, Chinese who opposed unilateral action, and preferred to let the weapons inspections and the UN solve the solution diplomatically.

After reading the above article, I feel that the US government owes France an apology. At least they warned the CIA (as did the Mossad, the Egyptians, the Germans, et al)
Amazing that all the warnings fell on deaf ears !


4 Responses to “Those Snotty French!”

  1. Rip Says:

    Let’s not make the same mistake as W in linking 9/11 and the Iraq war.

    Of course France passed along intelligence, as we do to them on a daily basis. They’re still our ally, despite the rhetoric on both sides.

  2. scottie Says:

    It’s funny the evolution of this link :

    Wolfowitz was in Bush’s ear post 9-11 saying Saddam and Iraq were connected to 9-11

    Powell made the case for war at the UN (later resigned because he was duped into it)

    Last year, President Bush acknowledged that Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11

    But Dick Cheney continues to this day to claim that we are fighting al-queda in Iraq , which is actually a partial truth.

    Al-Queda was not organized in Iraq until after the US invaded and occupied that country. We brought them there. SO it has become a self-fulfilling prophecy to a degree.

    So Rip, Butch says you are Libertarian, is that correct?
    I am more in agreement with the Libertarians than any other party, so I find myself leaning towards Ron Paul. I wish He and Chuck Hagel could form some alliance, as Chuck Hagel has a bigger name, and favors “balanced” policies in the Middle East, meaning he won’t be a slave to the Israeli lobby, which he has demonstrated in the past. I think that would be a good ticket ! I’m dreaming of course, and I realize I might have to move if Clinton wins …

  3. Rip Says:

    Agreed regarding most of your comments about the Iraq/9-11 link, with the exception of the Powell comment. Powell resigned because he never had as much influence in the Oval Office as he believed he should.

    My earlier comment was intended to point out that we don’t owe France an apology for the reason you mentioned (an apology should be for a specific “wrong” done to them, not because of a “right” they did for us). And, I don’t know of a wrong done to them, other than making a foreign policy decision they didn’t agree with.

    Yes, if I was forced to take a label, it would be Libertarian. I’m a long-time fan of Ron Paul and would be nothing short of thrilled to have him running the country. Of course, that’s only a pleasant dream. I also like Hagel and think he (and not McCain) is the true independent thinker among the well-known Republican candidates. For the 2008 election, I think a candidate’s foreign policy views will trump everything else and therefore believe we’ll be spared the rule of Mrs. Clinton.

  4. MOM Says:

    Rip and Scottie,

    No one owes France an apology, but one has to acknowledge that France gave up a lot to defy the U.S. For instance, Limoge, which sells lots of its porcelain to the U.S., lost 90% of its sales after the U.S. invasion of Iraq. France didn’t get any Halliburton-type contracts in Iraq. France lost its embassy and residence in Iraq to looters. There were many other economic consequences and I suspect that France knew what they were and it still defied the U.N. Resolution. I am loathe to say “I told you so”, but Americans are going to be paying for Iraq until their grandchildren are born.

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