Reason #427 why a nuclear Iran is not cool

Now it looks like everyone wants nukes…and who can blame them?

Two years ago, the leaders of Saudi Arabia told international atomic regulators that they could foresee no need for the kingdom to develop nuclear power. Today, they are scrambling to hire atomic contractors, buy nuclear hardware and build support for a regional system of reactors.

So, too, Turkey is preparing for its first atomic plant. And Egypt has announced plans to build one on its Mediterranean coast. In all, roughly a dozen states in the region have recently turned to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna for help in starting their own nuclear programs. While interest in nuclear energy is rising globally, it is unusually strong in the Middle East.

“The rules have changed,” King Abdullah II of Jordan recently told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. “Everybody’s going for nuclear programs.”

Other than the fact that they’re discussing it as if it’s a new recipe for baba ghanoush, it’s seems logical that if you are within 10,000 miles of a nuclear Iran, you probably want nukes.

International Herald Tribune


5 Responses to “Reason #427 why a nuclear Iran is not cool”

  1. scottie Says:

    While spouting rhetoric proclaiming the Middle East should be nuclear-free, it is hard to turn a blind-eye to Israel’s nuclear arsenal.

    If Israel were to sign the NPT, or dismantle their nuclear program, then there would be no need for other countries to develop nuclear weapons as a deterrent.

    Nice double-standard!

  2. Logipundit Says:

    SHOCKING you would point that out. Wonder why these countries never thought Israel’s nuclear arsenal as much of a threat as Iran’s?

  3. Rip Says:

    Is the US government going to think that every Middle East country that OPENLY explores nuclear energy is covertly desiring nuclear weapons? If that is our attitude, the NPT is pointless and we should withdraw.

    Another possibility might be that these countries understand just how close the world is to running out of oil and don’t intend to be left out in the dark.

    If this one of a multitude of reasons why a nuclear Iran is bad, what should the US be doing about it?

  4. Logipundit Says:

    Much better point.

    It’s the timing that makes this important, I think. Why haven’t they pursued it before?

    I guess a better way to express my point is: if your neighbor (especially if its Iran) has nuclear weapons, you certainly want to at least have nuclear power.

    As far as what the US should do about it? I don’t know…panic.

  5. Logipundit Says:

    Oh and in answer to the question:

    “Is the US government going to think that every Middle East country that OPENLY explores nuclear energy is covertly desiring nuclear weapons?”

    If you’re a defense analyst or strategic intelligence guru, the answer would be:

    “I get paid to be suspicious when I’ve got nothing to be suspicious about.”

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