Princess Nancy in Damascus

Yeah, can’t say I expected anything miraculous from HRH in the Middle East, but I must say I expected a little more professionalism and tact than this.

This whole fiasco comes on the heels of Nancy’s instructions to President Bush to “take a deep breath” and to respect Congress’ constitutional role, which apparently now includes establishing dipolomatic foreign policy.


2 Responses to “Princess Nancy in Damascus”

  1. Rip Says:

    Obviously a mistake in her thinking “what they say is always what they mean”. But, this is by no means an overreach. If she promulgated a substantive change in US policy (and, from what I’ve read, she didn’t), that would be an overreach. Prominent congresspeople (and, regardless of whether you like her or not, that’s what she is) should take time to sit down with the leaders of other countries. I’m sure Ms. Pelosi has learned from this meeting, even if it’s not what she set out to learn.

  2. Logipundit Says:

    Yeah, I don’t think Nancy has ever been accused of being an expert on foreign policy, or Middle East policy. When people go overseas you expect them to already have relationships, or to have a specialty in that arena.

    Like Bill Richardson for instance…not a Bush supporter by any means, but he has some credibility in foreign affairs from his tenure in the UN, so the White House blesses his trip.

    Nancy, has never been elected by anyone outside of her little district in San Francisco and she never will, and her attempt to represent an “alternative view” from the U.S. is not only counterproductive, it’s just wrong.

    She doesn’t have any foreign policy credentials that I’m aware of. She’s a quintessential domestic liberal. The trip comes across as looking like simply a political stunt, and she looks even LESS distinguished and LESS professional than she did before.

    Someone, somewhere, has a list of all the Speakers of the House who have gone overseas and met with dictators outside of the official channels of the White House or State Department and made statements between opposing goverments which neither the White House, nor the State Department, nor the opposing governments would attest to…

    Could someone find that list? I’d like to see it.

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