Follow-up ; Video Poll by the Aussie

In a previous post, an Aussie video-surveyed Americans with the premise that Americans were stupid about the world in which their country runs. I suspected that his results were edited to fit his premise and here are the results of my more extensive poll given to my college students.

In my opinion, the scores are not as high as they should be, but definitely better than the questionable poll the Aussie presented as bona fide. Below are the questions and the % of correct answers, and the criterion identified for some of the answers with multiple correct answers/numerical data.

General Knowledge Questions , concerning the US and the World in general.

1. How many senators are there in the US ? ________ 67.6%
2. How many members of the House are there ? ________ 11.8%
3. In what year did the US Civil War begin ? _______ 32.4%
4. How many US soldiers died in Vietnam ? _______ (within a few thousand)17.6%
5. What is the capital of Spain ? ________ 73.5%
6. Which country is farther south, Egypt or Argentina ? _______ 76.5%
7. What mountain range is home to Mount Everest ? _______ 38.2%
8. Name a country that begins with the letter T ___________ 85.3%
9. What is the main religion of Saudia Arabia ? _________ 61.8%
10. What is the main religion of Israel ? __________ 61.8%
11. Who is the president of Venezuela ? _________ 26.5%
12. In what year did the Cuban Revolution begin ? ________ 5.9%
13. In what year did the French Revolution begin ? ________ 14.7%
14. What is the capital of Wyoming ? _________ 32.4%
15. What is the 2nd amendment to the Constitution ? ___________ 52.9%
16. How many world wars have there been ? _________ 94.1%
17. How many sides does a triangle have ? _________ 100%
18. How many continents are there ? ______ 82.4%
19. Name a country with a government overthrown by a CIA-directed coup __________ 17.6%
20. Name any country that belongs to the “coalition of the willing” __________ 23.5%
21. True or False : The Taliban is responsible for planting the poppy plants in Afghanistan. __________ 29.4%
22. Who is the leader of Hezbollah ? __________________ 11.4%
23. Who is the president of Iran ? ____________ 14.7%
24. Who is the chancellor of Germany ? ________________ 2.9%
25. What language is spoken in the Netherlands ? ____________ 50%
26. What is the most populous country in the world? _____ 76.5%
27. Which country consumes the largest percentage of world oil ? __________ 58.8%
28. What war replaced the “Cold War” in the US _______________ 0%
29. The US dollar is backed by gold, True or False ________ 29.4%
30. What is the national debt of the USA ? __(within a trillion, yikes) 20.6%
31. What is the West Bank ? ______________ 29.4%
32. In what year was Israel established as a nation ? __________ 11.8%
33. Were weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq ? _________ 88.2%
34. Which countries sold arms to Saddam Hussein in the 80’s when Iraq was at war with Iran ? ___(any country) 50%
35. How many people died on 9-11-2001 ? _____________ (within 1,000) 20.6%
36. What is the 3rd largest political party in the US ? ___________ 8.8%
37. In what year was income tax legislation passed, that is still applicable ? ________ 14.7%
38. In what year was the Federal Reserve Act passed in Congress ? ______ 17.6%
39. Who was the US president when the US entered WWI ? ___________ 23.5%
40. What are Hiroshima and Nagasaki known for ? ___________ 67.6%
41. When was JFK assassinated ? ___________ (most correct answers had the correct day) 41.1%
42. When was Pearl Harbor attacked by the Japanese ? ____ (most correct answers had the correct day) 47.1%
43. Who was Vice President under Jimmy Carter ? _______ 20.6%
44. Who is Kofi Annan ? ____________ 23.5%
45. Who was Yasser Arafat ? ________________________ 29.4%
46. Who is the prime minister of Israel ? ____________ 4.3%
47. Name the countries with Nuclear Weapons __________(any 3 countries correctly identified) 44.1%
48. Which country has violated the most UN resolutions ? _____________ 5.9%
49. In what year did the Great Depression begin ? ________ 47.1%
50. Which country violated international law by setting mines in Nicaragua’s harbor in 1986 __________ 11.8%


6 Responses to “Follow-up ; Video Poll by the Aussie”

  1. Speechie Says:

    I admittedly don’t even know the answers to all of these questions, although it’s sparked my interest and makes me want to know.

    I think for some people, the problem lies in that they get so wrapped up in their specialty that they don’t think about other things.

    But I have a few friends from other countries that I’d love to give this survey to…even Australian friends…it’s not just Americans that don’t know EVERYTHING.

    I’m definitely going to be looking up the answers to the ones I didn’t know…

  2. Logipundit Says:

    It is an interesting questionnaire, and I know I would not make a 100% on it. (I’ll let you know my results when I’ve had time to count it up).

    I will say that the test is very slanted, with obviously loaded political questions, which in my opinion defeats the core purpose of it.

    Also some of the answers could even be disputed, or at least the questions would have to be clarified…

    However, the way you present the results (grade per answer) you can easily selectively look at the general knowledge questions.

    I’m eternally glad that (given you teach math) the only 100% result was question number 17.

  3. scottie Says:


    i used many of the aussie’s original questions …

    i added things like germany’s chancellor, the capital of wyoming, the start of the civil war, pearl harbor’s date, the US death toll in vietnam, the president of the US when we entered world war I, etc

    you probably object to the question of the worst violator of UN resolutions, but i think propagandized americans should know it’s israel

    you probably object to the world court ruling in 1986 when nicaragua took the US to the world court and the world court found that the US violated international law for mining nicaragua’s harbor.

    i took any correct answer for countries with governments overthrown by the CIA, from which one may choose many correct responses. i took any 3 countries with nukes as correct, and did not want the complete list

    i think there is a good mix of questions. in the very least it would force some people to look at our own policies, which in my opinion have backfired in a huge way (take the coup against mossadegh in 53, and the problems that emanated from that one, namely a radicalized islamic state in iran). i do not think americans should turn a blind eye to our mistakes, but should seek to understand them at least in trying to understand the root of anti-american sentiment abroad.

    i think the results are trustworthy, as my total does not allow the possibility of tampering with the poll

    in the very least, i think a reasonable person can toss out the video poll by the aussie which was my original goal ; to test the polling method the aussie used

    to quote ricky nelson

    “you cant please everyone so you got to please yourself”

  4. Logipundit Says:

    I confess I don’t remember all of the Aussie’s questions, so you got me there…

    Agreed that your results are trustworthy.

  5. JohnnyB Says:


    You forgot to include the question regarding from which direction the US needs to invade Iran, with Australia labeled as “Iran”. Other than that it’s ok. How many students responded?

  6. scottie Says:

    40-50, can’t remember exactly

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