WHY? I’ll tell you why…

Sincerest apologies for blind Bush admin haters (and they are legion). Feel free to come after me with guns blazing on this, but I just can’t help myself.

I truly believe this is simply GREAT. It’s a long time coming and I was wondering when it was going to happen.

Monica Goodling, counsel to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and liaison to the White House, cited the politically charged and “perilous environment” of the House and Senate judiciary committees in refusing Monday to testify about her part in the firing of eight U.S. attorneys. In a letter to the Senate committee, her lawyer says the “potential for legal jeopardy” from “even her most truthful and accurate testimony” is “very real,” and cites the recent conviction of I. Lewis Libby for lying during a CIA-leak investigation.

To use a technical legal term, huh?

Before Goodling, 33, can assert the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination, she must believe that her testimony could somehow lead to evidence that she committed a crime. So what’s the crime she’s worried about? The mention of Libby suggests that it’s perjury, but as Professor Orin Kerr, a criminal law expert at George Washington Law School, points out, you can’t take the Fifth to avoid being prosecuted for lies you plan to tell under oath.

Blame it on Ken Starr if you want to, but this “perjury trap” thing is REAL and kudos to Goodling for deciding to keep herself out of trouble by telling them to go straight to hell.

The author here misses the point. Goodling knows that she will be asked so many mundane and stupid questions that almost anything she can’t recall can be ruled as perjury down the road. She is protecting herself from an Arthur Miller style drowning, and she has that right. If they had something on her they would indict her. They don’t. Just like they didn’t have anything on Scooter Libby either. And he’s going to jail.

Anyone know how many U.S. Attorneys were summarily dismissed under Clinton’s administration. How many Senate hearings were there then?

This is a non-story, and despite the ENDLESS blogging on it, (sorry MEJ) there is nothing that can be said for political appointees being fired. They’re fricking political appointees.

Why Is a DOJ Lawyer Taking the Fifth? | TIME


4 Responses to “WHY? I’ll tell you why…”

  1. Repack Rider Says:

    Why would anyone who plans to tell the truth worry about perjury? Besides, being worried about telling a lie IN THE FUTURE is not protected by the Fifth Amendment. Your Fifth Amendment rights only cover things you have ALREADY DONE.

    If that’s the only reason you are invoking it, you are in contempt of Congress because you don’t have that right, and you should sit in jail until you understand the concept. The Fifth Amendment can’t be invoked just because you think people plan to ask you mean questions.

    You can ask me ANYTHING, and when I answer, you can notarize it, I’ll sign it, and you can and nail it to the courthouse door.

    Being as honest as the day is long makes that possible, because I don’t have to keep my lies straight, and I sleep very well at night also.

    Give me an EXAMPLE of a “perjury trap.”

  2. JohnnyB Says:

    When you criminalize political decisions made within the executive authority, essentially criminalize someone for their political views (i.e. loyal Bushies), that’s a real problem. I think the Libby incident sets a bad precedent. I hope Republicans don’t follow it for the next Democratic president, but I doubt it. It seems like the last two years of each presidency is bound to end up like this ad infinitum if the congress is in the hands of the opposite party, and that’s sad. I think the GOP overplayed it’s hand by impeaching Clinton, and the Dems may be doing the same here.

    I think repack is too honest for government work, an admirable quality.

  3. Logipundit Says:

    I agree…you’re probably that honest repack. The best example is Scooter Libby. There is NO evidence that anyone in the administration maliciously outed Valerie Plame for the purpose of discrediting her husband. The certainly wanted to discredit Joe Wilson, but the person who leaked their name was Dick Armitage.

    Joe Wilson has as much responsibility for putting the target on her back by publishing his op-ed piece.

    Scooter Libby testified that he didn’t know some things that he apparently was shown later to have known…at one time…about a plethora of conversations with reporters.

    Your legal analysis is technically accurate, and I agree. But there is no doubt that that Democrats smell blood in the water, otherwise this ridiculous story wouldn’t be getting so much traction. If I was her, I would find any excuse I can to keep from testifying, and if I was forced (and she might be), you wouldn’t be able to keep with all of the times that I say, “I cannot recall,” and, “I can’t answer that.”

    Probably I would prepare a statement saying “we can fire who the hell we want to because they’re political appointments, you dummies,” and then refuse to answer any questions.

  4. scottie Says:

    Logipundit, type “www.logipundit.blogspot.com” from the website address from another site, and you get re-directed to some obscure search engine : FYI

    I could not disagree with you more on the outing of Plame. No evidence?

    Cheney’s handwritten messages concerning Plame and Wilson are not evidence that her outing was deliberate?

    I read the first chapter of “The Politics of Truth” and I found Wilson’s comment to be quite credible, and I did not find his motivation political in nature. He did serve as the Ambassador to Niger, and I thought more his point was written as an American trying to legitimately question the admin’s obvious political motives for sexing up the intelligence leading up to war. Turns out he was right at the time, and the admin has egg on its face for its cherry-picking intelligence that served its political agenda, namely invading a country without any legitimate justification.

    I agree with repack rider. Tell the truth ; it is easier to remember later.

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