Spineless and Planless

Post 9-11, Congress gave up its right to declare war, and deferred to the President.

After the fall elections gave the Democrats a majority, I have been waiting to see some plan emerge. Sadly, none has. Today there was news that the Democrats were removing the provision that would prevent the President from pursuing war with Iran without Congressional approval. The last few weeks, there has been discussions on what constitutes a “surge”.

I honestly do not know what’s worse, the wrong course of action or inaction.

The current admin has deceived its people about the Iraq War, has trampled on the Constitution, has broken laws concerning warrantless wiretapping, has increased the security threat to the US by fighting wars of pre-emption for falsely-stated reasons, has shown its uber-close ties with Corporate America, has shamelessly been implicated many times in criminal investigations, such as the Abramoff trail of corruption, to the inner cabinet breaking US laws concerning outing a CIA covert operative ( because her husband correctly challenged the legitimacy of the Niger yellocake claim). I have been critical of the Bush administration for all the reasons above, and for failing to follow through with Bush’s “Roadmap”, which would prove to the world that the US can be somewhat balanced in foreign policy issues. I have been critical of this admin being led by the nose by pro-Israel NEOCON ideologues who basically dictate many elements of foreign policy.

But it is March, and the Dems have had control of Congress for 3 months, and besides starting to campaign for the ’08 Presidential election, I cannot think of a single thing the Democrats have done, at least what they said they’d do if they won the fall elections. If the Dems cannot steer the US out of its Iraq quagmire, then at least uphold the Constitution and demand back the power to declare war from this admin, so it cannot alone launch another war on Iran.

Completely spineless and completely planless …

This post encapsulates why the US needs to seriously question the 2 party system. It ain’t working folks, and our country is going down the tubes while the politicians smile for the cameras, and point the fingers at each other.


One Response to “Spineless and Planless”

  1. Logipundit Says:

    Not going to go into my thoughts (again) on Joe Wilson, etc…

    But I agree with you on the corruption of some Republicans and the political obsession of the Democrats. It just makes me mad every time I think about it.

    Again, why I think someone with some clout should muster up some cods and run as an independent again.

    Somebody call Perot…it’ll be a hottnanny.

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