DC Kickball and Softball on the Washington Monument on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Play NAKID!

I have officially lost my mind. One of my good friends suggested that I join an adult kickball league this weekend.

I thought – sounds interesting; I hate working out and this will give me the excuse I need to start getting into shape. Running around avoiding a big red ball is just the ticket. And hey – at least it’s not DODGEball, right? Then I started feeling bad about my future team – I haven’t played kickball since 4th grade and I was just sure that I would let them down on the field of battle.

Then I found out that after all the games, there are giant flipcup tournaments held with the opposing teams. And I’m not talking about in someone’s living room or anything. The Irish pubs in town host some of the most aggressive and brutal flipcup tournaments in the District. And this is where my expertise becomes much more relevant.

For example – I met up with some friends on one of these teams at Nolan’s in Adams Morgan. Those of you who have been there don’t need the description of all the chairs and tables being cleared out and large folding tables being put up to facilitate this combat. Full pitchers of beer for $7, floors sticky with spillage, tables and hands covered with slosh . . .

But a flipcup champion manifested himself that night – and a kickballer was born. If I see you out on the Capital Mall and you’re on the other team . . . look out.


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