Not for a lack of trying

If corporate tax receipts are too low in the US, it’s not for a lack of trying by the US govt. Could it be that personal income has risen since 1930, thus more receipts come from personal income tax because there is more personal income? Just a thought.

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  1. Logipundit Says:

    Yeah I agree with Scottie on his sentiments towards the Federal Reserve, but the fact that the number of corporations have increased dramatically is really irrelevant.

    Any schmuck can start a corporation, and many forms of corporations have complete pass through tax setup where the corporation only serves as legal protection.

    It’s true that some are formed also strictly for the purpose of sheltering taxes. But in that case you have an individual sheltering taxes, not an Evil Corporation stealing from their employees.

  2. scottie Says:

    well no, thats not the point i was making really

    corporations since the 1930’s have successfully lobbied to get tax breaks, and they hire tax lawyers to find loopholes, something that the private citizen and small businesses cannot do.

    you pose a good query :

    if the number of corporations remained static, would the increase in population account for the shift in percentages ?

    i’ll have to do a little research on that one, but that might be a good investment of time.

    to be continued ….

  3. scottie Says:

    guys, im being scatterbrained

    too many complexities :

    check out this graph from the tax policy center which measures corporate income tax as a percentage of GDP

    this makes it easier to compare:

    hey i got it : check out what happens in 1944 …

    look at the left hand side (these figures dont include excise taxes, tariffs on international goods, but its simple because it compares corporate to individual year by year)

    who da man?????

  4. scottie Says:

    hey guys, i deleted a few comments because after i made them, i found the best data to answer the query …

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