My new favorite Democrat

My new favorite Democrat in the US of A just happens to represent my hometown. Nick Gautreaux of Abbeville has proposed to eliminate the personal income tax in Louisiana.

Gautreaux’s bill would keep in effect the tax rates and tax brackets on personal income taxes but would lower the amount paid by individuals by 10 percent a year until the tax is phased out by Jan. 1, 2016. For example, in the present tax year, taxpayers would pay 90 percent of their tax bills to the state and 80 percent next year.

But my favorite is this quote:

“This gives a break to the working-class people,” he said. “For the last several years we have had a surplus. . . . That tells me we are overtaxed. . . . It is time to give taxpayers a tax break. Why should government grow and add more and more programs?”

Can someone get Howard Dean on the phone? This guy needs to sit down with Nancy Pelosi and company and set them straight.


3 Responses to “My new favorite Democrat”

  1. Logipundit Says:

    I sort of have mixed feelings about this. I get nervous about States reducing personal state income taxes and then begging the Federal Government for money to help with this or that.

    On the other hand, Virginia (my adopted home state) went through the same thing a few years back. The state went into panic mode and raised taxes and then a year later had a ONE BILLION DOLLAR surpus.

    My first response, of course: “Why in the hell did we have to raise taxes if we have a surplus?”

    Ask me if they dropped those taxes.

    Now we’re in another financial quandry regarding transportation dollars in Northern Virginia which somehow manage to make their way DOWN to Richmond, but never make their way back up.

    Republicans in the State Senate and House of Delegates, nobly refuse to get lured into another tax hike, and want to use general funds to help Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads with transportation infrastructure…Democrats of course feel that is their duty to humbly ask Virginians to fork out more tax dollars…

    It’s a long story but it’s been a virtual stalemate for almost two years.

    I have an idea, though…who made the rule that people have to pay the same FEDERAL income tax regardless of what state they’re in?

    Why not set it up so that if a State is taking extra responsibility for their own resources with their own tax money, that they keep their state income taxes where they are or even raise them a tad, and tell the Federal Government to take a hike on funding, but instead to grant tax credits to all Louisianians.

    Education would be a great place to start. If a state, let’s say Louisiana, took some of that surplus and really did a number on their school systems so that they didn’t need Federal Education Dollars anymore, then all FEDERAL taxpayers in the State of Louisiana should get a tax credit.

    That would shift a huge part of the responsibility to the State and people’s tax dollars would go further (without that expensive trip to Washington) and stay closer to home.

    Can’t help but think market forces would prevail there.

  2. scottie Says:

    There is no reason to pay federal income taxes. Eliminate the federal Reserve System, and you don’t need an enslaved population to pay interest on the national debt.

    Americans needs to educate themselves on what % of their federal income tax dollars go toward federally-sanctioned programs and what % goes toward paying interest on debt owed to our “central” bank, which is just a conglomerate of old world banking houses from Europe.

    There is a reason that Woodrow Wilson said “I have unwittingly ruined my country” after he left office.

    Steve Forbes laid out the best alternative tax plan, one that is better for the individuals, small businesses, and best for the economy as a whole.

    Of course, the candidate with the best ideas rarely makes an impression on the US electorate.

    In 1930, 30% of income from taxation came from US corporate taxes. In 1999, that % shrunk to 9%. Last year, 7%. Corporations have increased exponentially in number since 1930, as have their profit margins, and yet their tax liability has decreased dramatically. hhhhmmmmmmmmmm

  3. JohnnyB Says:

    I get the LPs point re: state begging, but don’t necessarily agree that he should be concerned. It is the reverse of the argument that liberals use when the feds reduce some bloated public service programs. The beast must be starved on all fronts. I think Nick sees the writing on the wall for Dems in Louisiana and is smartly adapting. Also, with new money coming in from increased oil revenue will more than offset this reduction. The dynamics in Louisiana are much different than that of northern Virginia.

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