WHY? I’ll tell you why…

Sincerest apologies for blind Bush admin haters (and they are legion). Feel free to come after me with guns blazing on this, but I just can’t help myself.

I truly believe this is simply GREAT. It’s a long time coming and I was wondering when it was going to happen.

Monica Goodling, counsel to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and liaison to the White House, cited the politically charged and “perilous environment” of the House and Senate judiciary committees in refusing Monday to testify about her part in the firing of eight U.S. attorneys. In a letter to the Senate committee, her lawyer says the “potential for legal jeopardy” from “even her most truthful and accurate testimony” is “very real,” and cites the recent conviction of I. Lewis Libby for lying during a CIA-leak investigation.

To use a technical legal term, huh?

Before Goodling, 33, can assert the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination, she must believe that her testimony could somehow lead to evidence that she committed a crime. So what’s the crime she’s worried about? The mention of Libby suggests that it’s perjury, but as Professor Orin Kerr, a criminal law expert at George Washington Law School, points out, you can’t take the Fifth to avoid being prosecuted for lies you plan to tell under oath.

Blame it on Ken Starr if you want to, but this “perjury trap” thing is REAL and kudos to Goodling for deciding to keep herself out of trouble by telling them to go straight to hell.

The author here misses the point. Goodling knows that she will be asked so many mundane and stupid questions that almost anything she can’t recall can be ruled as perjury down the road. She is protecting herself from an Arthur Miller style drowning, and she has that right. If they had something on her they would indict her. They don’t. Just like they didn’t have anything on Scooter Libby either. And he’s going to jail.

Anyone know how many U.S. Attorneys were summarily dismissed under Clinton’s administration. How many Senate hearings were there then?

This is a non-story, and despite the ENDLESS blogging on it, (sorry MEJ) there is nothing that can be said for political appointees being fired. They’re fricking political appointees.

Why Is a DOJ Lawyer Taking the Fifth? | TIME


Bipolar news

Antidepressants provide no extra benefit to those already on mood stabilizers for bipolar disorder.

Before participants were randomized to one of two antidepressants — bupropion (Wellbutrin) or paroxetine (Paxil) — or to a placebo, doctors trained in the treatment of bipolar disorder adjusted participants’ mood stabilizer doses to optimal levels, ensuring that they were receiving the most appropriate amount.

After about 26 weeks, Sachs and colleagues found that 24 percent of those who had been randomized to the antidepressants stayed well for at least eight consecutive weeks — the study’s stringent standard for recovery; 27 percent of those randomized to a placebo stayed well long enough to meet the eight-week recovery standard, indicating no difference between adding an antidepressant or adding placebo. In addition, about 10 percent of each group experienced emerging symptoms of mania, indicating that the antidepressants did not trigger a manic switch any more than placebo. Finally, when comparing the two antidepressants to each other, both showed similar rates of response and manic switch.

Thomas Jefferson: Terrorist?

I always knew there was something about Thomas Jefferson I didn’t like:

Now, new techniques have been brought to bear on Jefferson’s Y chromosome, in a study reported in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology. The presidential chromosome turns out to belong to a rare class called ‘K2’, which is found at its highest frequency in the Middle East and Eastern Africa, including Oman, Somalia and Iraq. Its closest match was in a man from Egypt. Could this mean that the President had recent ancestry in the Middle East?

Bobby Jindal; making sense again

While John Breaux works hard to save the Democratic Party in Louisiana, Bobby Jindal works hard to save New Orleans and keep drug dealers and sex offenders out of the housing projects. The advocate calls it “controversial”, thankfully, the democratically controlled congress didn’t think so:

Specifically, his motion denies the right of return to public housing for individuals who “have been convicted of dealing drugs, a sex crime, or a crime of domestic violence, or who pose a direct threat to public safety, such as gang members”. However, the motion and the bill has passed a Democratic-controlled House of Representatives.

Props to all who voted “yea”, a small but important victory.

Tragic story of "toddler bipolar syndrome"

The story doesn’t get any sadder. I wonder how many kids are diagnosed for bipolar disorder and prescribed seroquel, or worse, depakote?

Check this out boys and girls !

A terrific article written by a superb writer …


All Charges Against Duke Lacrosse Players to Be Dropped Soon

Our good friend Reagan Gahagan (former Logipundit contributor) sent this to me today.

Well it’s about time…Mr. Gahagan predicts (and I hope he is right) that these students are going to turn around and file a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Nifong, et al.

In my humble opinion with as many blatant violations of simple investigative procedure that Nifong’s office is responsible for, and the sheer life-altering effect this fiasco has had on these students, Nifong should never practice law in the State of North Carolina again.