Insurgency TV

Forget Democrats mentioning “phased redeployment”. Insurgent Iraqis already have plenty of motivation coming across their airwaves. Sick, disgusting motivation in the form of graphic videos displaying American soldiers being attacked and killed.

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  1. Logipundit Says:

    Here’s my favorite part:

    Al-Jibouri denies his station incites violence. “Tens” of the daily e-mails he receives are from people asking how they can sign up to fight, but he does not encourage them.

    “To the foreign Arabs, we say `Thank you, but Iraq has enough fighters of its own and we don’t need more,'” he said. “To the Iraqis, we say `You are inside Iraq, so you know very well where to go to volunteer.'”

    Yeah…right. “We’re not by any means encouraging violence, but you know where to go volunteer.”

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