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My friend Michael is stationed in Iraq and had the following entry posted on his blog yesterday. How refreshing to hear the real deal from someone actually on the ground. However, I’m sure his perspective won’t keep the blowholes in Congress from conjuring up more images of our troops freaking out because of the Democrat’s resolutions . . .

Yahoo! 360° – Mike’s Blog: “3. ‘Embolden The Enemy and Demoralize The Troops’

It always makes us laugh when we hear someone say this rediculous line on TV. The Brits love to tease us about this line. It’s absurd and just plain wrong. The enemy is emboldened by all kinds of things that have nothing to do with this year’s budget in Congress or our debates about a pull out.

Demoralize the troops? No way. The US Military is very professional these days. The biggest demoralizer is when the Army extends orders at the last minute and people can’t return home. Or they screw up your 2 week leave. Or the mail doesn’t arrive. Nothing the politicians do in Washington will moralize/demoralize us significantly at this point.


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  1. Logipundit Says:

    great post…and great blog.

    Starting a list of “U.S. Military Overseas” Blogs…you guys look out for some more.

    Don’t think it affects the argument that much, though. “The biggest demoralizer” being the Army’s extending orders (no argument there) doesn’t mean a resolution from Congress saying they disagree with the mission doesn’t have ANY effect. But I certainly see his point.

    And “the enemy is emboldened by all kinds of things…” does not mean they are NOT emboldened by dissent in our Congress about the war.

    I would guess (and Mike knows better than I) that the war on the ground on a daily basis is probably never effected by our Congress’ inane ramblings, because the Military is indeed very professional and the enemy is of course not fans of our Congress anyway.

    However, I really find it hard to believe the orchestrators and suppliers and leaders behind these insurgents (or whatever they’re called now) don’t watch CNN everyday, and see waning support for the war going as far as a Congressional resolution as a good sign for them.

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