Republicans showed outrage this Saturday at very idea that Democrats would try to have a debate on the Iraq war without the 60-vote super-majority required to break a GOP filibuster. Using words like ‘disrespectful’, ‘heavy-handed’, and ‘unprecedented’ in their rhetoric.

I felt very sorry for these Republican senators getting pushed around like that until I remembered that these same senators had threatened JUST A FEW MONTHS AGO to use the ‘Nuclear Option’ of removing the then-minority Democratic Party’s ability to filibuster on Federal Judges.

It strikes me as somewhat odd that the GOP would have no compuction of steamrolling Democrats over ideological judicial candidates and yet scream to high heaven over being forced to debate a war that has consumed (to date) over $400 billion and 3,000 American lives. The stakes do seem a bit lopsided to me.

How quickly we forget – and how quickly the game has changed . . .


One Response to “Alzheimer’s”

  1. Logipundit Says:

    although I disagree with your “ideological judges” poppycock :o), you will get no argument from me about the whining of Republican Senators.

    They lost their chance to pretend to be gentlemen (or even act like adults) about 9 years ago…they rationalized their actions by citing 40 years of Democrat strong-arming.

    And now Democrats are doing the same. The more “the game changes” the more the game stays the damn same.

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