Obama unveils bid for White House

Well, aren’t we all shocked? What I love most about Obama is that he will take any opportunity to invoke the spirit of Abraham Lincoln (granted , I know, any politician from the state of Illinois is required to constantly allude to Lincoln–I think it’s in the State Constitution).

Here’s the NY Times Article on the topic.

The battle is on allright. Even though I still haven’t made up my mind about Obama (really like his attitude but his political stances and voting history are way left of mine), I do sincerely wish he gets the nomination. It just makes me giddy to picture Hillary up in New Hampshire fuming at having her thunder stolen.

And I don’t mind Obama’s lambasting of “corporate interests” and lobbyists and even high poverty rates. What I failed to understand was his promise to end American military involvement in Iraq by March 2008. This is a bill he introduced and it’s just simply liberal poppycock. This is his attempt to put himself firmly to the left of Hillary, who’s been positioning herself as a moderate because she just thought she had the nomination locked.

As long as Obama is as eloquent as he has been and actually stays away from details, he’ll even have a shot in the primary. The days of Democrats running hard left to get the nomination and then running to the center for the general election are behind us now.

Thank God I live in a state that allows you to vote in both primaries. Because through all of this positioning, I just can’t shake this feeling….between the populist “two-Americas” rhetoric of Mr. Edwards, the rantings and careful calculation of Mrs. Clinton, and the beautiful prose and dodgy generalities of Mr. Obama…

There is a serious chance that this is going to get ugly–really ugly.

Obama unveils bid for White House–The Observer


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