Gates proof that Iran is operating inside Iraq …

Just read an article on the front page of Yahoo that Gates can prove that Iran is working inside Iraq.

Yippy Skippy…

Let’s review :

The US argued with faulty/falisified intelligence that Iraq had WMD and must be dealt with. Tangential rationales were

a) the US will free an oppressed people, and the Islamic world will love the US for it
b) the US will bring democracy to the Middle East
c) the US will force compliance with UN resolutions

4 years after the invasion, most Americans concede that they were, to some varying degree, duped into supporting the original invasion. The official reasons for commencing this debacle have all been shredded with the documentary record.

But there is an arrogance on the part of the US that is staggering, to me at least. The US lied its way into a war halfway around the world, and even though there was a shake-up in Congress, mainly attributed to this failed Iraq policy, the executive branch continues to “stay the course”, in obvious opposition to the will of the people.

But it is earth-shattering news that Iraq’s neighbor might actually want to influence the political situation in their neighbor ?

Stop the presses, a country wants to influence the policies of its neighbors !

The US has been doing to it since the 1800’s, in central and south america, and the backlash to these failed policies is the rise of socialism all throughout this central and south american sphere. The main reasons the US pursued these failed policies in the first place were to :

1. set up systems in neighboring countries that allowed exploitation by US corporations
2. fight the rise of socialism and ultimately communism

It’s ok if the US influences the policies of its neighbors, but how dare those presumptuous, crazed, fanatical zealot Iranians try to do it? How dare they? It is the imperial right of the US to try and change the political structure of Iraq, but Americans should be deeply outraged if the Iranians try it …

This is an issue only if you have a memory of 2 weeks.


3 Responses to “Gates proof that Iran is operating inside Iraq …”

  1. Logipundit Says:

    I can certainly see your point that it should be no shock that Iran has interests in Iraq. Why wouldn’t they? If I was a State official or government representative with Iran, I would consider Iraq one of the top priorities.

    But yippy, skippy. Maybe we shouldn’t be outraged, but we should at least be aware, don’t you think?

    We do have interests in Iraq, and whether you agree or do not agree with the current administration’s interests…it would be really hard to argue that their interests and Iranian interests are in accord.

    I don’t think the report is about whether Iran’s interests are more important or less important than ours. If I’m not mistaken, Gates’ job is not to look out for Iranian needs or gauge whether their agenda is more justified or reasonable than ours.

    His job is to protect the American agenda, and again: given what the report cites (supply of weapons, explosives, technology, etc. to people who are fighting our soldiers) don’t see that our and Iranian interests are in sync.

    Do you honestly think it’s irrelevant whether or not Iran is supplying weapons to those who would kill (and have killed) our soldiers?

  2. scottie Says:

    I’m a little upset. Just posted for 30 minutes my reply, and it got wiped out somehow in the publishing process!

    Here we go again, and I hope this thing publishes this time. I’ll copy and paste before I post.

    In response to Butch, I see your points and understand where you are coming from.

    I do not think the story is irrelevant, but I am focused on the larger picture.

    The US media has misquoted Ahmadinejad’s quotation of Khomeini (it was never his words) concerning the regime in Tel Aviv. Khomeini’s original quote was that like the USSR which later disintegrated, like other regimes that did not last, eventually the regime in Tel Aviv will fade into the pages of history. That was the context of the original quotation, and Ahmadinejad simply repeated it.

    US media translation : Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map. A yahoo front-page story this morning is that Iran says they intend no agression towards Israel, or any other nation. We are not supposed to believe that, only the propaganda that comes from within our country.

    US soldiers captured the Iranian diplomats inside Iraq. The US has moved aircraft carriers to the Gulf. The US has issued kill or capture orders for any Iranian inside Iraq. Every NEOCON org has very hawkish measures for dealing with Iran, namely putting more US soldiers in harms way to achieve their goals.

    Go back and look at the policy statements of the NEOCONS and their orgs leading up to the Iraq war. The invasion, rhetoric, and justification of this admin was supplied by these damn NEOCONS, and it eventually materialized.

    The same is happening right now with Iran.

    I do not want the rationale that “Iranian guerillas are working inside Iraq” to be used to further the case for war with Iran. This is the larger, broader picture I was thinking of when I made the original post.

    The chatter for war with Iran increases daily. Some have predicted operations will start by April, before Blair leaves office. I would look for some galvanizing event, like Tonkin, or Pearl Harbor, or the Lusitania to serve as a catalyst.

    The US gov has shown its propensity to manufacture events, like Tonkin or Pearl Harbor (Roosevelt was warned by some of his generals to not build-up forces at Pearl, even commissioned another general to derive a plan for a back-door into war with Japan, and his own grandson has attested to this whole scenario)to get into a war somehow someway.

    When the war starts, and it will, it won’t be because of the misquotations of Ahmadinejad. It won’t be because Iran has guerilla forces working in Iran.

    True it is that Iran supports Hezbollah financially and militarily. This is indeed a facet.

    But it ain’t the complete picture.

    The leadup to the Iraq war and the leadup to the coming war with Iran has obvious parallels.

    It will be another war for saving the worthless paper fiat currency of the the US dollar. After Iran, Venezela will be the next target. There is no end, and the players are desperate.

    The Federal Reserve mafia will continue to rake in their enormous profits ( as will the US corporate sector) from an unsuspecting population, who have acted as their slaves since 1913. They have looted the gold from this country. They continue to operate in obvious opposition to the Constitution, and they will do anything to ensure their hegemonistic system survives.

    I need a hypnotherapist to wipe the contents of my brain clean so I do not have to think about this shit any more.

  3. Logipundit Says:

    Dude, you need to stop with the misquotation of Ahmadinejad. Your constant defense of him based on a misquotation is painful to my eyes. The guy is not on our side.

    I sincerely hope you’re wrong about the buildup to war. But I’m as concerned as you are, and hope to God it doesn’t happen.

    But Iran’s constant drumbeat of their “right” to enriched uranium is OK with you? Because Israel has nukes then of course Iran should, too, in the spirit of neutrality, right?

    I understand your position, if I thought that Israel was the embodiment of all that is evil like you do, then the whole “enemy of my enemy” would apply, and I would seek to defend Iran.

    Just doesn’t follow, though. Israel is by no means innocent, but that doesn’t make Iran innocent, least of all Ahmadinejad.

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