Gaffe’s and Hillary

We’ve all seen the stories by now with Biden and Hill. Biden made the egregious error of saying what’s on everyone’s mind. Biden has never had a serious shot at Prez and this proves it. Hillary, on the other hand, in my opinion, made one of the weirdest statements.

“What in my background, gives me the experience of dealing with evil and bad men?”

Think about this for a second, and follow it to it’s logical conclusion. The evil and bad men she is referring to are terrorists, Al Qaeda types. Some might say Ahmadinejad fits in here. So, what is Hillary going to do with Ahmadinejad? Marry him, let Ahmadinejad run around town with interns, and run for president of Iran? That sounds like a win-win for America.

What is it about riding the coattails of your husband, and allowing him to run around town throughout your entire marriage with no consequences, that qualifies one for presidency?


5 Responses to “Gaffe’s and Hillary”

  1. Logipundit Says:

    Love your choice of labels. I can see you’re trying to be objective…LOL.

    The “evil and bad men” joke was just stupid. Does she know she’s insulting someone we’re supposed to put back into the White House? What if Kerry had said, “What in my background gives me experience with wacky and quirky women?” Oh that’s right he didn’t get elected.

    It just makes no sense to insult your spouse on the election tour, especially a former President. And it wasn’t even funny.

  2. JohnnyB Says:

    Hey, my husband is evil and bad. Yet I stuck with him and rode his coattails to a Senate seat, which I plan to parlay into a Presidency. Vote for me I put up with an evil husband!

  3. Jim G. Hamster Says:

    It’s not her style to imply, jokingly or otherwise, that her husband is evil. Are we sure she wasn’t referring to Ken Starr or the Republicans who went after her for all her dealings in Arkansas and the White House while her baed and evil husband was President?

    Moreover, it’s not like her to joke…

  4. Rip Says:

    Regardless of her intentions, Hillary’s insane if she thought she could make such a remark without “Monica and Bill” appearing in everyone’s mind. Maybe she’s not as calculating as many suspect. Her husband would never make a mistake like this. Maybe he should be writing her talking points.

    As for riding coattails/using your name to get elected president, isn’t that a proven method for success? Don’t we have the son of a former president in office right now?

  5. Logipundit Says:

    Hillary has been running for President for 6 years, but she definitely hasn’t used Bill for credibility.

    It was obvious why Gore got no real support from Bill Clinton in 2000. If Gore had won, unless I’ve died and woken up in Wonderland, he would not have made it to a second term, which means Hillary would have been (most likely) up against a Republican incumbent in ’08.

    She will get the nomination, though, largely because of who she is, and because of that evil bad man.

    Hope I’m wrong and Obama gets it…he’s the only Democrat I have any respect for, because as I’ve pointed out before, he hasn’t been in the Senate long enough for me to hate him.

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