Choice…who’s choice?

This is an example of how weird the laws against abortion seems to a pro-lifer (like myself). The only difference between abortion and murdering your own unborn children is that in the case of an abortion a doctor does the killing. We can all continue to argue whether an unborn child is its own body or officially part of the mother’s body, but an appeals court in Texas decided that killing your unwanted children (without “medical supervision”) is indeed murder. In this particular case the mother had TRIED repeatedly to kill her children (twins) by literally punching herself in the stomach…until she finally talked her boyfriend into stepping on her.

Does anyone disagree with the outcome of this case? Is this a real murder conviction or are they just being convicted because they’re too stupid to get an abortion? I wonder, had the mother been successful of killing her kids without her boyfriend’s help, if she would have been convicted of murder. If not, would that mean this is discriminating against men?

Hat tip to Cajun Tiger.


3 Responses to “Choice…who’s choice?”

  1. scottie Says:

    This case certainly demonstrates a bit of a double-standard. It is ok for doctors to kill a fetus, but not the boyfriend.

    Perhaps this case could be used as a precedent for challenging supreme court rulings on abortion.

    Who knows?

    But it is clear that if the law protects the sanctity of life, even in fetus form, in one case, it should do it for all cases.

    Meaning, of course, that abortion should be illegal, if this case is used as a precedent.


  2. Logipundit Says:

    I agree, and believe that Roe vs. Wade could suffer as result of this. All that would do is bring the control back to the individual states, which in the short term (in my opinion) is a good thing.

    It also links up with the whole euthanasia thing which is all about “medical supervision” for killing someone. (Obviously if you killed your elderly grandmother you would go to prison…even if she wanted to die).

    Welcome back ;o)

  3. Jim G. Hamster Says:

    Without any insight into Texas law or anything for that matter, I don’t see why the mother (a term to use loosely) wouldn’t be convicted if her personal actions resulted in two dead little babies floating inside her.

    Though she should have gotten some punishment for attempted murder, at least.

    I wonder if these two who you say were too stupid to get an abortion were really thinking that they were too smart to not get an abortion. And for good measure, I think they should make sure that the two can never spawn life together again, by using similar preemptive tactics.

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