Rep. Jindal announces run for Louisiana Governor

To continue the Louisiana trend. It appears that Jindal is going to run for Governor again. Given all the trials and tribulations that Louisiana has gone through, “a new approach to governing” should be welcome.

And forgetting the whole Katrina thing just for a moment (give it a try) Jindal is an extremely smart guy, and should have won the last time he ran. My hunch is, he would bring a welcome change to the intellectual bankruptcy that has plagued Louisiana politics. And one result of Katrina is the lack of the same democratic block in Orleans Parish. It’s going to be a little tougher for Cleo Fields, Donna Brazille, et al., to get on a conference call at 4:00pm and step up the bus runs to bring this election to the Democratic side.

Geaux Jindal!

Rep. Jindal announces run for Louisiana Governor


3 Responses to “Rep. Jindal announces run for Louisiana Governor”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I agree this is good news. Early polling has him at like %60. We’ll see about that. Landrieu has notably become a female version of John Breaux, which means she is more representative of the electorate…a good thing. Remembering the whole Katrina for a moment (very easy), you see just how bad Blanco botched the response. In my opinion more blame can be laid at her door than anyone else, including Mike Brown. She cared more about currying favor to her political party than taking care of her people. I’ve mentioned it before here, but Edwards would have played ball with a republican president, and he damn sure would’ve kept the New Orleans mayor in line.

    I am definitelypulling for Jindal. I voted up here in Ohio, and didn’t like it when the Dems won. Life goes on and things won’t change much. But I think it’s crucial that Jindal get elected governor down there. I hope the rednecks in North Louisiana wake up and realize they need more than the corrupt politics that has run Louisiana since reconstruction. They need a solution-oriented leader, not another pretty face that can wave to the crowd.

  2. Logipundit Says:

    Yeah, you know the more I think about it, with all due respect to our Conservative Cajun friend, having a guy like Jindal in an executive role is just too great of an idea to pass up.

    Losing a good Congressman is a small price to pay for winning a very smart Governor in LA. And given the Katrina fiasco, this is probably the ideal time for him to go for that spot.

  3. Nick Says:

    Yeah, I don’t know who I would vote for between the two. However, unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll have to make that decision. While many in Louisiana think Kennedy would make a good candidate, he keeps denying interest in the position.

    Regardless, I have already volunteered to help Jindal here in Acadia Parish. I’ve been in contact with his campaign, and I am trying to work out a senerio where he could come visit Iota, much like Congressman Boustany did when I met with him for an hour at my wife’s cousin’s store.

    If Kennedy would run, I would want to try and work out a visit from him too for as many people as possible to meet him. I just think it would make for a very good run-off for Louisiana. But again, I really don’t know if Kennedy is going to run…so Go Bobby!!

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