Campaign? Nah…not yet.

Interesting trend this year leading into Presidential Campaign season. Especially on the Republican side (Giuliani, Romney, McCain) you see a plethora of “exploratory committees” instead of campaigns. At first glance it seems they’re saying, “Hey, not sure if I really have the cods to put my name in the hat, but let’s see if anyone really BEGS me to run.”

Quite noble to put the decision to the people, but as this article points out, we all know it’s just to drag out the announcement for more press.

My favorite is Bill Richardson, who says he’ll announce next month whether he is to form an exploratory committee. It’s almost like your sister-in-law or friend from college who continually talks about getting married until finally she squeezes a “promise ring” out of her “fiance-to-be” and proudly announces she is “engaged to be engaged.”


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