Asians on campus

Interesting to juxtapose these two quotes

The first is from professional Asian grievance coordinator Elaine Kim:

“I’ve heard from Latinos and blacks that Asians should not be considered a minority at all,” says Elaine Kim, a professor of Asian-American studies at Berkeley. “What happened after they got rid of affirmative action has been a disaster — for blacks and Latinos. And for Asians it’s been a disaster because some people think the campus has become all-Asian.”

The second is from an Asian student from such a disaster school:

BERKELEY is “Asian heaven,” as one student puts it. “When I went back East my Asian friends were like, ‘Wow, you go to Berkeley — that must be great,’ ” says Tera Nakata, who just graduated and now works in the residence halls.

Sounds disastrous? California is the beneficiary, in part, of affirmative action programs throughout the country keeping Asians out, coupled with proposition 209 allowing a more merit-based entrance. Smarter kids getting good jobs and donating more money as alumni. The cat is out of the bag for places like Princeton and Yale, if they want to compete in the long run they will have to reconsider their tight grip on affirmative action.

Consider that around 2.5 billion people (India, China, etc.) think that sending their kids to American schools to get a degree in science or engineering is a ticket to prosperity for the next generation, and are tripping over each other to get their high school aged kids to America pronto. Here we take a college education for granted. The best and brightest had to make it through the myriad immigration laws, get college degrees and successful jobs, and place their kids in the best schools by paying tuition or considerable property taxes. By contrast, the best and brightest in Mexico are not coming over to do housekeeping at hotels.


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