Finkelstein on Counterpunch

Best article written yet on the issue.

Norman knows his stuff. Hard to argue with the facts presented in this rebuke of Carter attackers.
Since people cannot counter-argue Norman’s many fine points, they must resort to ad hominem attacks.

Cheers Johnny B, and try not to have too much fun !


One Response to “Finkelstein on Counterpunch”

  1. Logipundit Says:

    As usual…the good Mr. Finkelstein is more focused on himself than the issue at hand. Just as in his initial “preview” of Carter’s book, he picks and chooses the parts of the book that fits his opinion, and completely ignores the parts that don’t.

    I haven’t read the entire book, but so far as I see it is fairly even-handed. Carter does actually give a large amount of blame to Hamas, Hezbollah, Arab States, the PLO etc. for the current situation, even though he certainly doesn’t hold back from blaming Israel for its overzealosy.

    By the way, Scottie, if you actually read Carter’s book (not a bad idea–before posting too much on his book) then try not to puke on your keyboard, because he acknowledges what everyone in the world but you, Noam, and Norman acknowledges: that Hezbollah started the whole Lebanon incident this past summer.

    As usual Carter is way too forgiving (for instance crediting private conversations as more important than public statements), insanely idealistic, and a little self-referential (he is a former President after all and very proud of the Oslo Accords). He is, however, not blindly partisan in his treatment of the material.

    I’m sure as I continue reading the book there’ll be more to report, but for now, I can’t see that Finkelstein has been near as objective as our former President in his handling of this issue.

    But that is to be expected. Picking out what fits an agenda is expected from “Stormin’ Norman”…by citing critics who obviously have an axe to grind on the other side of the issue (“Jewish Groups–hmmm), he has effectively rationalized his rhetoric and preempted his followers from actually reading Carter’s book.

    No pressure or anything…just sayin’.

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