Not all human rights groups are anti-Israel

nice article, with lots of good data, and an overview of what is happening in the gaza as told best by the one and only, norman finkelstein.

as you read his words, try and compare his statements and his arguments with the ones his detractors try and associate with him.


3 Responses to “Not all human rights groups are anti-Israel”

  1. Logipundit Says:

    So Human Rights is right on, unless they decide that someone other than Israel has done something wrong?

    At least Finklestein is honest about his picking and choosing.

  2. scottie Says:

    after this post i wrote ken roth an email : my comments and his response are below :


    From: scott sorrell []
    Sent: Thursday, December 21, 2006 7:41 PM
    To: Ken Roth
    Subject: statements from HRW on Gaza

    Dear Sir,

    I have been a vocal defender of you in the past, but the most recent statements by HRW on the situation in Gaza is simply unacceptable morally.

    I was deeply offended at the HRW official stance on Palestinians standing up in a non-violent fashion and deterring the destruction of Palestinian homes. which can ONLY be classified as collective punishment.

    Where is the sense of justice that HRW continually quotes when HRW berates a group for courageously doing what the international consensus cannot, namely staking life and limb for a simple basic moral principle?

    Please take the moral high ground once again, and place HRW’s usual impeccable reputation on the line for the diensfranchised, dispossessed, and displaced Palestinians.

    Our future generations will judge us on how we as a collective humane group deal with this polarizing issue, and HRW should play the role of the leader, not the blind follower of power politics.

    Best wishes,

    Scott Sorrell

    Lafayette, LA

    roth’s reply :

    Thanks for your note. Please see our statement at

  3. Logipundit Says:

    Kidnapping an Israeli soldier is not “Palestinians standing up in a non-violent fashion.” Putting your life on the line and “civil disobedience” does not equal kidnapping Israeli soldiers. Of the whole report, 90% of it is very damning towards Israel, however acknowledging a little blame (dramatic music here) on the part of the PALESTINIANS! (more dramatic music here).

    Why must Palestinians be completely blameless for Israel to be guilty? Your singlemindedness and that of Mr. Finkelstein is “beyond chutzpah”.

    Mr. Finkelstein has effectively picked out a snippet of a report that for the most part is lambasting Israel and has made an issue out of it to drive more people to his site and sell more books.

    He is effectively living off the lack of scholarship of others and has even less credibility in my eyes than our esteemed professor from MIT. Your continual habit of simply posting Finkelstein’s thoughts is a little disappointing.

    I’m done with Finkelstein.

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