Why Mommy is a Democrat

I heard about this a few months ago and sort of shrugged it off…until I saw the website. This is absolutely the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. If anyone even attempted to politicize a children’s book on the Republican side there would be outcries of bigotry, warmongering, and indoctrination of “right-wing” ideals. Besides, Ronald Reagan would come up out of his grave and shoot whoever wrote such a pretentious book.

Because that’s the real point. What a waste of time to teach your kids that ANY political party has the answer to all of society’s problems.

But it all makes sense when you look at some of the sample pages...(I’ve included a response from a “little Conservative”):

Dem Mommy: Democrats make sure we all share our toys, just like Mommy does.

LC: Great Mommy! Can I decide who to share it with, or do the Democrats decide?

Dem Mommy: Democrats make sure we are always safe, just like Mommy does.

LC: Safe from who, Mommy? The President? Has he tried to kill us lately?

Dem Mommy: Democrats make sure children can go to school, just like Mommy does.

LC: So does that mean we get to go to the best school we qualify for regardless of the color of our skin?

The Democrats are the solution, they will help make sure everyone is safe and happy and fed…as long as you don’t try to excel beyond the average on your own. Toqueville predicted as early as the 1830’s that the US would produce not tyrants, but “guardians”. So the people’s power would be diminished to almost nothing, but we would rationalize it by saying we at least Democratically elected our “guardians.” That’s how the Democratic party sees itself, and if the Republican party ever stepped up and found its way back to its roots, I would say the parties were actually still accurately named.

Why Mommy is a Democrat


One Response to “Why Mommy is a Democrat”

  1. Rip Says:

    This is a great example of how incredibly simple-minded many of those in the “thinking class” are today.

    Maybe they’ll let me write the next edition. I already have a few ideas –

    Democrats think I want to be treated as if I’m a child, just like Mommy does.

    Democrats think they should decide what’s best for me, just like Mommy does.

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