TIME ‘Person of the Year’ candidates

Two years ago, I was making fun of some of the past winners (“Planet of the Year” was one example). This year I’m instead going to make fun of some of the e-mails from people submitting their votes. Some are just strange because of the timing, and some are just unexpected.

Eileen Finnerty of Bridgewater, New Jersey
Why not nominate the Amish Community? Their grace and courage should be an example to everyone. They seek no revenge, although they have suffered the ultimate horror in losing such innocent victims. There will never be an end to violence and wars until people are able to forgive.

Cathy Buskirk of Summerville, South Carolina
Absolutely with no doubt, Steve Irwin should be named “Man of the Year.” He has given us direction so that we can follow his path toward conservation, not only for wildlife, but the entire planet. Steve was the “one” voice that has guided us to a better tomorrow for all. The Earth is not ours alone, we share it with a million animal species. It is time for us all to do our share in conservation. Steve showed us the way… now it’s our turn.

Beth Davis of Lenore, West Virginia
In my opinion, the TIME “Person Of The Year 2006” should be Michael J. Fox for all he has been and will be going through. Also, for standing up for his beliefs, and just for being an outstanding role model.

Gabby Lopez of Quezon City, Philippines
I nominate former U.S. President Bill Clinton as TIME Man of the Year. He has been so active in promoting health and individual welfare and democratic rights globally. At the same time, he was able to effectively campaign for the victory of the Democratic Party and win back both houses of the U.S. Congress, which went Republican under his watch.

Paul Muzichuk of Jacksonville, Florida
George W. Bush has met difficult challenges in his presidential career. Despite criticisms and negative opposition, he has stayed the course he had described and not flip-flopped. In many ways it has helped prove to the American people that if you have a goal you must continue until you attain it.

TIME ‘Person of the Year’ candidates – CNN.com

UPDATE: My Way News – Time Magazine’s Person of the Year: You—well there…you…go.


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