Mamacita: My "Frank Capra" Moment with the Iranian President

I know this was a couple of weeks ago, but I felt Mamacita had a great take on the little love letter from Ahmadinejad.

Just felt like she did that the Iranian President must think we’re all just complete dummies, if we’re to fall for the lovey, dovey, BS he spouted to us “noble Americans”. The crux of it is here:

The fact is that Iran has expelled its vibrant Jewish population over the past 100 years. President Ahmadinejad has called repeatedly for the destruction of Israel and is a Holocaust denier. In service to the destruction of Israel, Iran arms Hezbollah in Lebanon. Iran supports Shi’ite insurgents in Iraq, thereby exacerbating and prolonging the Iraqi conflict. This results in the deaths of quite a few American soldiers, btw.


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