Bible, with a strap

In order to retain my monthly membership as a contributor, a cool link about…purse bibles.

To be consistent with the current theme here, the money quote:

“Consider the plight of Rollie Massimino, the coach of the Villanova Wildcats . . . Villanova was ranked, well nowhere . . Several thousand years earlier there was another underdog group that didn’t have much to work with. They were called the Israelites.”

See y’all in January if not sooner!

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2 Responses to “Bible, with a strap”

  1. Rip Says:

    Appreciate the link, as I’ve been struggling to determine what to get Grandma for Christmas

  2. DC Offline Says:

    I can sell her one out of my little blue bag, if you’ll give me her address and some pre-approach.

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