20 years…a bold plan

I remember cursing loudly when in 2004 President Bush pushed a plan like this, and then dropped it like yesterday’s newspaper when the public didn’t really respond to it. Going to the Moon and eventually Mars just doesn’t carry the same political magic that it did during the Cold War.

But someone tell me how $16 BILLION a year doesn’t get us permanently on the Moon quicker than 2024? My kid sister could get on the Moon quicker than that with $16 Billion a year.

And don’t get me started on the importance and urgency of this. I remember reading a top ten list of reasons why permanent colonization of space is a logically good idea. Stephen Hawking narrowed it down to only one:

Survival of the species


One Response to “20 years…a bold plan”

  1. Red Stater Says:

    The moon is a perfect place to relocate liberals.
    There is no environment or ozone layer to worry about, no animals to save and no christians or conservatives to take away their rights.

    Cost of a space shuttle mission $900million.

    Establishing a permanent base on the moon. $16bil/yr

    Moving all the liberals to that base … “priceless”.


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