2 different tones

It takes genuine chutzpah to suggest that the UN or any of its departments is a “tool” for Arab states, given that Israel has escaped severe consequences due to the US’s use of its SC veto.

The reason I decided to post on this is that there are 2 very different tones at play here, the tone coming from Foxman and the ADL, and the tone of issues reported in the US.

After reading the above link, the question I want bloggers to ask themselves is whether or not Foxman’s contention is supported by how the media report on Middle Eastern issues. How many times have you seen, in other words, the mainstream media (in the US) report with a similar tone that Foxman claims the UN has on Israel?

Answering this question will ultimately depend on the source from which readers obtain their news.

International outlets and underground media in the US, Foxman’s tone is correct, that the UN, and the entire world mod the US and Israel are extremely critical of Israel.

In regard to major media outlets in the US, there seems to be quite a different tone altogether, and the difference is not a subtle one. It is huge.

A question for Foxman : If the whole world is criticizing Israel, outside the US and Israel of course, including various arms of the UN, mainstream human rights groups, governments around the world, reputable international media with no ideological axe to grind, then isn’t it possible that the criticism is warranted? Perhaps the criticism has nothing to do with bias or intolerance and has everything to do with Israeli behavior.


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