Glenn Beck and Ahmadinejad Again

Just watched another installment of Glenn Beck railing away at Ahmadinejad.

Same line as before ; today is really 1939 and Ahamadinejad is Hitler.

This time at least Beck was focusing on a new facet. Ahmadinejad’s letter to the American people.

He made a few faux-pas, as always. He equated Zionists with Jews, a pet peeve of mine as bloggers here already know.

It’s funny how Beck likened a comment by Ahmadinejad stating that Jews controlled banking and finance, the media, and the political system in Washington to a statement made by Hitler in a letter to Roosevelt, in which Beck claimed Hitler made an equivalent statement about what Jews in Germany were doing to his country.

Perhaps Beck should have compared the Ahmadinejad letter quotation instead with former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s comments in late 2001.

I doubt Beck even knows of this quotation, but it is clear he would never utter such a comment on TV because it makes his argument untenable, as well as doing other things that do not fit into his warped agenda.

I won’t bore bloggers with the Sharon quotation, as I am sure all well-read bloggers have encountered it before.

Geaux Tigers ! Go Saints !


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