Carter is an anti-Semite?

When he wrote a book called “Palestine: Peace not Apartheid”, I knew that he would be attacked viciously.

In the minds of little people, criticism of Israel is anti-semitic in nature.

Luckily, people who know the history of the conflict and the propaganda the US people must withstand on this topic laugh at such a ridiculous comment. The argument is invalid and utter rubbish and has been de-bunked time and time again. Yet it continues to be recycled by idiotic emotional romantics when considering the Israeli-Palestinian question.

If the shoe were on the other foot, and I were a caller on CSPAN and Pres Bush was the guest, all political and moral differences aside, I would not dare to speak to Pres Bush with the same lack of respect that this caller speaks to Jimmy Carter. I am happy he answered the caller’s comments with such diplomacy, but I wish he had embarassed her for stating nonsense on national TV.

It’s disgraceful, and I suggest the caller ought to relocate to Israel if she feels that the chief architect of the first lasting Arab-Israeli peace accord is a man of hatred.

The record demonstrates otherwise.


3 Responses to “Carter is an anti-Semite?”

  1. Logipundit Says:

    I’m in agreement that the caller should not treat a former President with that lack of respect. And also agree that there is absolutely no reason to believe that Carter is an anti-Semite or, of course, that criticism of Israel’s policies amounts to anti-Semitism.

    I didn’t understand his whole “this book is not about Israel, but Palestine” comment. It’s semantics really if you’re talking about Israel’s policies in the region, but I think that’s a minor point.

    President Carter and I do not agree on most things political and I believe that many of his policies have had negative long-term consequences, but he’s right about Egypt, and he at least has been completely consistent in his foreign policy stances over the years.

    The caller was accurate that he has befriended some thugs (what administration hasn’t?), but it misses the point that Carter sincerely believes he can change things by saying “Peace” enough and insisting on being friends with these thugs, and trusting them, despite evidence to the contrary.

    I’ve always considered Carter to be one of the nicest, and most genuine Presidents, and you can even tell in the interview that the inaccuracy of being accused of being racist hit him to the bone. He is anything but. However, nice trusting guys aren’t always the most effective in molding foreign policy.

    Haven’t read the book, yet, unfortunately. We have it on our list, but I admit I haven’t gotten it yet. Has anyone else read it?

  2. DC Offline Says:

    Just talked about this at lunch! I saw Jimmy C on Meet the Press yesterday and was very impressed with his dialogue with Tim Russert. I will be picking this up this afternoon.

  3. scottie Says:

    agree with you butch

    he is sincere

    the US economy under Carter did suffer, and he could have handled the hostage situation better, but he at least did something to help israel, and that was basically removing egypt from the equation; after the yom kippur war, this was a good outcome for the israelis as egypt proved it was not completely incompetent at warfare, even though the outcome was basically a stalemate

    yeah, i havent read the book yet either

    in the middle of final exams and grading

    i too did not completely understand the point about the book focusing on palestine and not on israel; the two issues are inseparable in my estimation, and to say otherwise, well, i guess i’ll read the book before i complete that thought.

    on a side note, i just ate a whole plate of bacon. have you guys ever heard of wright’s end pieces at wal mart? it comes in a box, with 3 pounds of end pieces that are thick-cut, and man its good. Only 4 bucks something.

    Check it out.

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