The Chávez machine rolls on

Here is an example of a chief executive who is genuinely manipulating the public for the purpose of consolidating power in the executive, permanently. It really doesn’t concern me that he is coming to New York and calling our President the devil, as much as it does that he is positioning himself to be the next Castro. Now I’m sure this is all the CIA’s and Reagan’s fault, but nevertheless–Monroe Doctrine and all–not a good development for the hemisphere. Hey, but at least he’s using his Government creatively to provide free healthcare.

Here’s the most important paragraph:

All the indications are that Mr Chávez does not intend this weekend’s election to be his last. He has proposed to hold a referendum in 2010 to abolish a clause in the constitution, which he himself introduced, restricting presidents to two consecutive six-year terms. It appears that the opposition will be tolerated, so long as it does not threaten to take power. “There is no room in Venezuela for any project other than the Bolivarian revolution,” Mr Chávez told the rally.

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4 Responses to “The Chávez machine rolls on”

  1. scottie Says:

    What you continue to fail to realize is that these guys are the leaders of popular nationalistic movements that sought or seek to minimize the influence of the lone superpower on their sovereignty.

    How dare they?

    Castro only cast his lot with Communist USSR AFTER the US isolated them economically, because of Castro’s rise in defiance of US aims, with the aid of Che Guevara.

    You think by opposing these 2 figures that you are opposing Socialism in governments in the US sphere.

    I say by opposing these 2 figures, you are losing sight of the historical reasons that caused them to become popular in the first place, and that ultimately you are opposing the democratic ideal in general.

    Quit viewing the world through your first-world goggles, and put yourself in the position of the 3rd world people who have been adversely affected by their neighbor’s intrusive policies.

    If you supported the right of our forefathers to resist the tyranny of the British, then you should also support the same spirit of resistance of people (who have been under a different tyrant’s boot) to also resist.

  2. Logipundit Says:

    And by defending these regimes by constantly focusing on the blame for them, you fail to see the point that these regimes are a) a long-term threat to the region, and b) not the best option for their people.

    By comparing a Socialist regime who is using “missions” and populism to make himself ruler for life to our founding forefathers who fought tooth and nail to give that power to the people, you show your own “goggles” quite clearly.

    The comparison is not even remotely close, and the whole point of the post is the fact that Chavez is working to manipulate the Constitution so that he can remain in power.

    Our first President–even without a Constitutional requirement–stepped down after two terms. Chavez is trying to make himself “Uncle Hugo” for a few generations.

    You defend this? On the grounds that the people didn’t feel there was a choice because they’ve been economically isolated? OK, let’s say they have been…is it right for the revolutionary to try to garner this much power in the Executive?

    I’m not blaming the people of Venezuela. I’m blaming Chavez, and stand by the assertion that the Venuzuelan people would be better served by a non-socialist regime that doesn’t strive to gather more power to itself.

  3. scottie Says:

    not the best option for their people

    did you see the current vote count in venezuela?

    the people there are casting their votes and they DO think that regime is the best for their country

    i guess you know better than the people of that country whats best for them?

    next funny comment in your reply:

    “that fought tooth and nail to give power to the people”

    do you not see the contradiction inherent in this statement, butch.
    the power ios given to these people to vote for their leader, and they are, and chavez is winning. i do not care if you like his politics or not ; let that country determine its own path. if we enjoy in this country self-determination, let others do it as well, without interference from washington. a second reason your omment is funny is that the constiutional forefathers did not care at all about “power to the people”. thats nonsense. the ruling elite of the time thought the decisions should be made by the elite, and not the masses. the system we see today is a result of political evolution, and not the vision of our forefathers. the basic reasons the revolution was fought were : taxation without representation and religious freedom. the system of representation came later butch.

    i defended nothing about his manipulation of their constitution. if the people there allow their president to change the provisions to his own aggrandizement, then it is their fault.

    would you be bringing this point up if you happened to agree with chavez’s politics personally?

    ultimately, it is the choice for venezuelans to make. if the socialistic practices do not please the people there, then eventually a new system will replace it, as i hope a new system replaces our current malfunctioning system.

    i am basically an isolationist at heart. i realie the impracticality of isolationism these days, but the US already has its fingers in too many pots. this is one corner of the world where i think because of outside interference for such a long time the south and central americans deserve to make their own choices.

  4. JohnnyB Says:

    No time to comment a relevant story I’ll add:

    Morales and Oil

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