Finkelstein on Counterpunch

Best article written yet on the issue.

Norman knows his stuff. Hard to argue with the facts presented in this rebuke of Carter attackers.
Since people cannot counter-argue Norman’s many fine points, they must resort to ad hominem attacks.

Cheers Johnny B, and try not to have too much fun !


Finkelstein On Carter’s book

Some good comments from Stormin Norman on Carter’s book.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Olmert’s Faux Pas

Not sure if bloggers on Logipundit are aware of Ehud Olmert’s faux pas last week in which he unwittingly admitted publicly that Israel has nuclear weapons.

Many in Israel called for his immediate dismissal as prime minister, so don’t attempt to downplay this issue guys.

It has been the longstanding Israeli policy to maintain their nuclear ambiguity, but Olmert’s admission raises further questions on nuclear double standards i n the context of the Middle East.
W’s policy must be amended as the US’s chief ally in the region has gone on record saying they have nuclear weapons.

So much for the rhetoric of keeping the Middle East nuclear free, joke.

Not many Americans know that in 1977 US Congress passed legislation that made it taboo to give foreign aid to ANY country that secretly developed nuclear weapons. Chomsky made the point long ago that US officials are backed into a corner when discussing nuclear ambitions in the Middle East, as EVERY SINGLE US DOLLAR SENT TO ISRAEL SINCE 1977 VIOLATES OUR OWN LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now it is out in the open. But you can bet your housenote that the US admin won’t even address this issue. You must dig to find mention of it in the presses in the US. Abroad, the articles are running wildly on this issue.

Iran is the next target, and it won’t be because of its anti-Israel rhetoric ; it will be because of the blog 2 down from this one.

Good luck spinning this one spinmasters !

Not all human rights groups are anti-Israel

nice article, with lots of good data, and an overview of what is happening in the gaza as told best by the one and only, norman finkelstein.

as you read his words, try and compare his statements and his arguments with the ones his detractors try and associate with him.

Scottie Ain’t Alone

I might be crazy, but there are increasing numbers that see through the official reasons and can easily identify the true reasons.

The horse is dead, and I continue to beat it, LOL.

Don’t let the door hit ya on the backside

Anyone who has ever read anything I’ve said about the U.N., cannot mistake my extreme contempt for the organization as a whole. This is the organization in which the Human Rights Commission has to be completely scrapped because of its notorious habit of being run by blatant human rights abusers, just to be replaced with another organization (Human Rights Council) with a supposedly more reasonable membership base with one main focus: criticize Israel.

Meanwhile they ignore human rights violations in Sri Lanka, Guinea, and of course Darfur, and make special efforts NOT to hold Hezbollah accountable for anything.

So in other words, don’t get a blogger started.

That being said, I found this passage interesting in the Economist article:

In some areas Mr Annan and the superpower have been of one mind. The UN can claim significant successes in encouraging Nigeria to give up military rule and in deploying a peacekeeping force to East Timor. On Mr Annan’s watch the UN also contributed to peace efforts in Congo, Sierra Leone, Liberia and elsewhere. In 2001 Mr Annan and the organisation picked up a Nobel peace prize.

So other than East Timor, it looks like every success that Mr. Annan can claim comes from Africa. How about that for looking out for your constituents. Now this still doesn’t explain the Human Rights Council’s singular obsession with Israel and the ignoring of Darfur, but it does bring to light the idea that looking out for the “folks back home” goes beyond the U.S. Congress.

Now, maybe, Mr. Ban will solve all of the problems in Sri Lanka, North Korea, China, and Indonesia…

Farewell Annan |

ABC News: U.S. Backs Early Palestinian Elections

Not sure what to make of this. There is no doubt that things have not gone well under Hamas’ rule, but is it a good idea to openly support Fatah? What’s missing from this article is the details of what the Israeli position is. Probably harder to get a quote from Olmert saying he “backs” Abbas than from a U.S. official.

Love this take on Abbas being warmer than usual. Can’t believe that will get him control of the Parliament, but I will hold out hope.

ABC News: U.S. Backs Early Palestinian Elections