What’s the Rush?

One thing I’m comfortable with on the campaign front is inspiring a sense of urgency. But, big shock, it seems the Democrats are in no hurry to come up with a comprehensive plan of their own on the most critical (and arguably urgent) issues. But thank God the Brookings Institution feels that a “step-by-step, deliberative approach” is wise.

So what we’re saying is that they didn’t have a plan for success in Iraq either, and they’re just going to wait for Lee Hamilton and James Baker III to save them while they rush to raise the minimum wage, and get after them Big-Oil companies. Implementing the 9/11 commission? So would that include keeping continuity in key intelligence commitees, or is that only if those members are close personal friends of Nancy’s?

Speaking of Brookings, check out their budget presentation for the “fiscal wake-up tour”. My personal favorite line is in the conclusion where Brookings calls for (get this):

“Public Willingness to forgo tax cuts or accept spending cutbacks.”

Two HUGE things wrong with this:

1) “Forgoing tax cuts” is a euphemism for “accepting tax hikes.”
2) “Accepting spending cutbacks” assumes that all spending is good. How absolutely ridiculous.

How about “bureaucratic willingness to accept the public’s desire for spending cuts instead of tax hikes.” or “Congress’ willingness to give up their little fiefdoms in the name of fiscal responsibility” ?

Just a thought.


3 Responses to “What’s the Rush?”

  1. scottie Says:

    A few Democrats have plans for some issues, but I agree with the spirit of your critique, that the Democrats seem resigned to criticizing the admin instead of constructively finding ways to improve our status quo.

    Murtha has a plan for Iraq.

    Pelosi haa a plan for making more faux-pas …

    a little of the subject, but i caught another one of her factual mistakes today on drudge.

    “al queda not in iraq”

    absolutely false

    qualification : al queda was not there until the US invaded Iraq, and the occupation brought them there. this is true. but al queda is certainly operating inside Iraq at the moment.

    pelosi’s other egregious error was a statement she made on CSPAN about the Taliban, and how they re-planted the poppy plants in Afghanistan from which something like 60-75% of the world’s opium comes from.

    absolutely false

    the northern alliance replanted the plants

    the taliban had all the poppy crops eliminated for religious purposes

    she got that backwards

    why this concerns me : when the next speaker of the house can utter nonsense, it is a sad commentary on leadership in the US

  2. Logipundit Says:

    And people wondered why we were all saying, “yep, the bums are going to be thrown out, but do you REALLY want Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker?”

    It’s not because she’s from San Francisco that “right-wing nuts” like myself don’t like her; it’s because she consistently betrays how much of a dummy she really is, and it becomes increasingly obvious that her power has come from criticism and not constructive ideas.

    But hey…like I’ve said, as long as we don’t have one party controlling two branches, I’m all for giving the Democrats a chance. By contention is that it will be DESPITE of Pelosi and not because of her.

  3. scottie Says:

    Moltke once said something to the effect of:

    To rise through the ranks, one must follow the lead of others, going along with their ideas, suppressing your own vision or independent ideas. The real challenge is that when one eventually makes it to the top, do they retain any of their original individual qualities, or have they become something like a mindless robot in the process.

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