One state solution

Just saw on Democracy Now a new book coming out where the premise is two groups of people living inside Israel side by side …

Guess I should have beaten the guy to the punch!

I thought the one-state solution was fairly obvious 2 years ago or so. I guess diligence is rewarded.

I know which side will put the kaybash on that proposal. I offer a hint : it is the side that has led the rejectionist camp for 30 years now … What Kissinger called a policy of “stalemate”


2 Responses to “One state solution”

  1. Logipundit Says:

    I think it’s great you have already decided what everyone else will decide. Are you saying the Palestinian leadership has been supportive of a one-state solution? I’m probably misunderstanding you, though.

    Which “side” are you talking about?

  2. scottie Says:

    Yes, you are right.

    You completely misunderstood.

    The one-state solution has no chance, even though I firmly believe it is the best course for the entire region. It is the best course of action for the Palestnians. It is the best course of action for the Israelis, that is of course if they can drop their desire to have a Jewish-only population, and can come to grips with an integrated Arab Muslim and Judaic society.

    The plan itself has promise, but is doomed because of the political power of the Zionist regime, which has effectively led the rejectionist camp for 30 years, backed in full by the US with its security council veto power.

    The historical record is VERY, VERY clear on this point.

    But I did read today that Olmert is willing to dismantle “large swaths” of settlements in the West Bank in exchange for true peace, provided the Palestinians drop the right of return.

    The West Bank settlements, and East Jerusalem are at the core of the impasse. This is a pretty substantive compromise by Israel. I only wish I had more data on what “large swaths” actually means.

    There are some 440,000 illegal settlers in the West BAnk and East Jerusalem, and if this “large swath” description removes most of these settlers, then the Palestinians ought to take the offer seriously.

    The offer is predicated on the return of Gilad Shalit, and Olmert promised to release hundreds if not thousands of imprisoned Palestinians, some administrative detainees without charges, some Palestinians with long sentences.

    The question is can a fragmented Palestinian leadership make concessions as well, or will they cling to their ideological but impractical right of return.

    They have years of injustice working on their side, and so I completely understand if they nix the idea. But maybe if they worked with Olmert, then a Palestinian state becomes possible.

    But this scenario introduces more questions than it answers.

    A one-state solution, people with different backgrounds living with each other and not hell-bent on destruction of the other, is the only long-term solution, I still claim.

    Can the Zionist state accept unwanted Arab Mslims?
    Can the Arab Muslims put the last 40 years of injustice behind them?

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