Hurricane Katrina?

Forget the fact that this guy is a complete and utter tool. The question is, of course, how productive is it to get together and talk about nothing but racial issues anyway? Somehow it’s completely forgotten that many white people lost their homes and lives from Katrina (and Rita) as well. That gets continually aggravating to me.


8 Responses to “Hurricane Katrina?”

  1. scottie Says:

    Kill, kill, kill the white man.
    Kill, kill, kill the white man.

    There was a reason nobody was in the audience.

    I did not see the reference to Katrina or Rita. This guy may have spoken previously on Katrina, but it was not contained in the clip.

    I have heard about conspiracies on Katrina ranging from “the gov blew up the levies so corporate america could take over new orleans” to “the gov super-heated the water in the carribean with a low-yield nuclear weapon so as to create the hurricane so that it could destroy new orleans”.

    Some things are simple. FEMA screwed up, local officials screwed up, state officials screwed up, and partly because of the bureacracy.
    Katrina was a natural disaster with tragic results for many people in which the aftermath was marred by inefficiency and incompetence, but not racial strife.

    The sad reality is New Orleans had been requesting funds from the gov since the fifties to strengthen the levies to withstand category 5 hurricanes, and it never reached a high-priority level. How much will taxpayers spend now to re-build? Estimates are in the hundreds of billions.

    I have a great idea. Since the US gives Israel $3billion per year, and this aid has definitely hurt the image and security of the US, I claim that we can pay for re-building New Orleans if the US withholds aid to Israel for the next 70 years.

    (this last paragraph was a bit contrived and meant for Butch, who previously opined I could connect any issue with Israel; well it’s true:-)

  2. Logipundit Says:

    And you did it! Congratulations!


    Fight the power.

  3. JohnnyB Says:

    From wikipedia:

    Israeli press reported that Israel is requesting about $2.25 billion in special aid in a mix of grants and loan guarantees over four years, with one-third to be used to relocate military bases from the Gaza Strip to Israel in the disengagement from Gaza and the rest to develop the Negev and Galilee regions of Israel and for other purposes, but none to help compensate settlers or for other civilian aspects of the disengagement. An Israeli team has visited Washington to present elements of the request, and preliminary discussions are underway. No formal request has been presented to Congress. In light of the costs inflicted on the United States by Hurricane Katrina, an Israeli delegation intending to discuss the aid canceled a trip to Washington.

  4. scottie Says:

    this is additional aid

    they will get it, guaranteed.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I have something to say:

    If Blacks have not come back to Louisiana (New Orleans, specifically) it is because the other states where they were relocated after Katrina have many more social programs than Louisiana. If I were living in a rented shack in New Orleans, drawing welfare that was barely sustaining my life, putting up with the highest murder-rate in the U.S., etc., why in this world would I go back to such a place after Katrina proved that the rest of the country didn’t give a hoot about what was happening in Louisiana? You can bet the rest of your paychecks for the remainder of your life on this one: If the same thing had happened in New York or Vermont, or Pennsylvania the response would have been different…people would not have been left for days without food and water at Heinz Field. I can tell you from experience that the Northeast thinks we Louisianans crawled from under a rock and they have never forgiven us for losing the Civil War.

  6. Logipundit Says:

    You think it’s because Louisiana doesn’t have enough social programs or because Louisiana doesn’t have enough opportunity outside of the social programs. My hunch is (and I could be wrong) that at least a portion of those that left may have found opportunities they never thought of before…involving a real job, INSTEAD of depending on the government (absolutely nothing to back that up).

    My contention is wasn’t a lack of social program but an institutional dependence on social programs, which admittedly barely sustained life.

    You’re right about it never happening in New York, but it wouldn’t happen hardly anywhere else in the South either. Case in point is the rest of the Gulf Coast. They are picking themselves up despite of things. Not because they’re white, but because they’re fricking employed, just like those in New Orleans who were employed, they’ve made do elsewhere, because they know how, and there’s no reason to come back.

    Who I really feel sorry for is Houston Texas…they graciously took in their neighbors from out of state and as reward for their generosity have experienced a 20% growth in violent crime.

  7. Anonymous Says:


    I am really bliztzed by your comments. The system that created the ghettos in Louisiana, the same system that rewards women with children without fathers, is responsible for the “Katrina” lack of response. Women in Louisiana (Black or White) are the ass-end of of the world. I challenge you to find in this entire world an example of where women have been so badly treated. The ghetto system that rewards single mothers with children, the system created by our wonderful government, is responsible for the chaos in Louisiana. How can you think that it is possible for a woman in Louisiana to work for slave wages, pay a baby sitter, and gain more than welfare contributes? It’s a no-brainer. Not possible. The means to climb out of this abyss has not been invented. It’s nice to sit in your ivory tower (a man’s tower) and expound your right-wing sentiments, but look at the world around you. I was always more to the “Right” than Atilla the Hun, but we, as women, don’t have any recourse in the Louisiana world. Again, I can sit in my rented shack in New Orleans or I can go to Houston and take my crime with me and forget about Louisiana….

  8. JohnnyB Says:

    Ms. Anonymous,

    Don’t know where you are coming from, really. You say you are to the right of Attila the Hun but those people usually don’t complain about “slave wages”. Last I checked, if you are getting a wage you are not a slave. Don’t really know if you are defending the welfare state or attacking it. If you are to the right of Attila the Hun, your attacks on the welfare state should be clearer and more fervent. Anyway I thought I’d take you up on the challenge regarding women’s rights, I think I found a good example (click below). Regardless, I see what you’re driving at. I think we can agree to agree that staying in Houston etc, is better than a rented shack in NO.



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