Big Comeback for Trent Lott – New York Times

Is there anyone who thinks this not a good thing? I think Lott was blatantly sold out, and the incident of his outing was the beginning of the end of the Republican control of Congress.

The guy tries to say something nice about someone at his 145th birthday party. A completely benign comment that could have meant anything, and then he apologizes seventeen to the NAACP, the pope, and the grave of Malcolm X, then falls on his sword because noone in the Republican party has the balls to step up and say, “Dude, he was saying something nice to Strom Thurmond at his 145th birthday party…there wasn’t even a blip of racism in the remark…shut up about it.”

Besides, his successor, Dr. Frist, bless his heart…an insanely inept Party leader. Strutted his stuff on stem-cell research so he would appear “nuanced” for a Presidential run. Was so busy, he forgot to actually lead his party into doing something constructive.

In Senate Shift, Big Comeback for Trent Lott – New York Times


3 Responses to “Big Comeback for Trent Lott – New York Times”

  1. JohnnyB Says:


    If you maintain that Frist was worse than Lott, I must disagree. Frist may not have been ideal and his performance the last year or so was particularly bad, he was still better than Lott. Lott had, and still has, minority party thinking. When the Senate was deadlocked 50-50 Lott tried to be buddy-buddy with the Dems rather than lead. He had the tie-breaker with Cheney, after all. It was a raw deal that he had to step down because of what was said at the old man’s birthday party.
    The Times says Lott was such a champion after Katrina, except when helping out people in his own state and backyard needed money at the expense of 50 or so Aleutians. When Ted Stevens threw a tantrum over the 315$ million bridge projects, Lott sided with his buddy in the Senate over the interests of his own state. The definition of “go along to get along”.
    I see McConnell as a step above Frist, who was a shade better than Lott.

  2. JohnnyB Says:

    Check out LP Oct 2005 to see the original post and comments regarding Lott and the bridge to nowhere.

  3. Logipundit Says:

    Good post and self-reference is something I admire. And I agree on McConnell…Maybe Lott will be a better Whip…and like you said, better in the Minority. I think Republicans in general operate better in the minority.

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