Katrina Looting

Forget that this article comes from GNN, the information contained therein is not particularly controversial, but it does represent a very sad commentary on relief efforts post-Katrina, and how the funds have been diverted away from their intended target, namely the people who suffered through Katrina.


3 Responses to “Katrina Looting”

  1. JohnnyB Says:


    Scottie, the above link is the source for GNN, which more details and examples.

    I don’t have time to get into it yet, but let me say I’m prepared to agree to about 50% of what they say based off what I read. It looks like a good story, would you mind editing the post and entering the above link instead of the GNN excerpt, so I can come back to it later?

  2. scottie Says:

    just click on “read rest of story” and it sends you to the truthout site.

    GNN gives blurbs and the beginning, and then you click on the link and it re-directs you.

    If you want me to still edit, let me know.

  3. JohnnyB Says:

    The more I think about this issue, the more I find I disagree with. The author takes issue with the big energy company Entergy for taking gov’t handouts despite having substantial assets. If you or the author feels like bailing out big companies with tax money, I’m inclined to agree. But I doubt the author has a good solution to the problem of getting the gas turned on in New Orleans. If Entergy can’t recoup it’s losses from some emergency assistance fund, it will attempt to do so in the market. However, since this is called gouging and therefore illegal, Entergy may opt to pull out operations from NO to remain profitable.

    Interestingly the author finds fault with small companies as well, particularly those small companies which had not earned big gov’t contracts before. There is a more parsimonious explanation to this scenario, that the gov’t didn’t need people to haul dirt and mud out of a city to this magnitude. I think the author has a problem with the gov’t contracting work out to private employers, and I disagree that this in essence is bad.

    It is sad that so many people are displaced because of Katrina. It may not be the best solution to cram everybody back into unsafe conditions, however.

    I am not sufficiently convinced that these companies are “stealing” when the authors’ only evidence seems to be the amount of money they received. Can he also document that these companies failed to do their jobs? That scrutiny is warranted and welcomed, however.

    I’ll definitely agree that the $ coming in to people suffering through this ordeal is pretty paltry. There are other ancillary points I agree on, the spreading around of money to businesses not involved in reconstruction, etc. Good post.

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