Hezbollah: Coming Soon To Your Hometown Some great…

Hezbollah: Coming Soon To Your Hometown

Some great propaganda. Enjoy.


8 Responses to “Hezbollah: Coming Soon To Your Hometown Some great…”

  1. JohnnyB Says:

    I know I promised no more posts re: Israel, but I wanted to put up a video. There are plenty of videos out there pro-Hezbollah, and many documenting Israeli crimes. There are even videos of racist Jews much worse than the Israeli ambassador to Australia.

    Now that the new Palestinian unity gov’t won’t recognize a two-state solution, and this whole dance will keep going another couple of rounds, I’ll bow out on Israel for the time being.

  2. scottie Says:

    dude, scare tactics?

    bush said if americans voted for democrats, then the terrorists win. that too was a scare tactic that did not work.

    hezbollah will continue to target israel. it is not stupid enough to attack US targets again. it made that mistake in beirut once, and they know better than to repeat it.

    al-queda targets the US, clearly

    hamas does not
    hezbollah does not
    islamic jihad does not
    al aqsa’s martyrs brigade does not

    do not group them together

    balance the foreign policy with respect to israel, and the al-queda threat to americans will shrivel up

    the move should be done not to “appease” terrorists but because it is the just thing to do

    do you not realize this?

    ps physicists confirmed today that israel used some form of a nuclear device in lebanon, based on radiation samples taken. but the mainstream news is focused on iran and its push to develop nuclear energy. israel has them and used them recently on civilians, and the world is clammering about another nation trying to develop nuclear energy, with the unsubstantiated assumption that iran will make the leap from nuclear energy to nuclear weapons. btw, iran signed the non-proliferation treaty which does allow peaceful nuclear energy programs. israel has not signed the treaty, and tests indicate israel probabluy used on during the lebanon offensive. doube-standard?

    israel also fired on a german ship which is a pat of the UN peace-keeping force, and the french army almost fired on israeli aircraft the other day because of “threatening” maneuvres.

    who is the aggressor?

  3. scottie Says:

    my keyboard is not working, seriously:

    “probably used one” not “probabluy used on”

    “double-standard” not “doube-standard”

    “part” not “pat”


  4. Logipundit Says:

    The video is not a scare tactic, unless you argue that that Hezbollah is using scare tactics…which one could argue.

    Saying that voting for Democrats is letting the terrorists win could easily be considered a scare tactic–absolutely true.

    However the relevance of that to the subject at hand is quite questionable. Did the “bushies” put together this video? Are you saying the video somehow doesn’t accurately represent Hezbollah?

    Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, al-aqsa’s Martyr’s Brigade, AND al-Queda are all terrorist groups…by the very definition of terrorist groups. This has been agreed to. So what is so wrong with showing Hezbollah for what it is?

    Are you actually arguing that since al-quaeda is the only one of these groups to successfully that the rantings from Hezbollah of “Death to America” is irrelevant?

    Why post that Palestinian groups should change their tactics, and try to win over the American people, and not promote violence and then try to defend terrorist groups like Hezbollah chanting for our destruction. How completely asinine.

  5. JohnnyB Says:

    To paraphrase and modify a statement, “As far as making an argument for Nasrallah wanting to kill Americans, i can make no better argument than accurately quoting him “Death to America”.

    I want to believe Hezbollah does not want to target Americans, but when I see something like this I have to at least consider the possibility.

  6. scottie Says:

    The title is the scare tactic, butch.

    Hezbollah coming soon to a town near you….

    come on, how obvious is that?

  7. scottie Says:

    and another thing, Butch, the CIA satifies the same definition of terror group, as does the MOSSAD, as does the ISI, as do most intelligence groups.

    The CIA practically invented international terrorism, and if you want specifics, I’ll provide them, but I have provided the specifics of their operations before, and yet I continue to repeat myself ad nauseam.

    The World Court found the US guilty of terrorism in 1986 for their actions in Nicaragua. The judgement was in reference to the mining of a harbor in Nicaragua, and the CIA training of the contras.

    Apply the same standard to the CIA;
    the biggest terrorist organization ever, and I am not alone in this assertion.

    I am anxious to hear your response to this comment.

    In your mind, whether you realize it or not, you rationalize every single US directed atrocity as being justified, and when groups resist being subjugated by more powerful nations, you call them terrorists.

    How convenient …

  8. Logipundit Says:

    First of all, you’re right about the title (not JohnnyB’s title by the way). However, I’m really disappointed in your defense of this. From the list:

    * Palestinian groups should change their tactics to win over the American people.
    * Instead of launching quassams, Palestinians should pursue non-violent resistance, much like king or ghandi.
    * A change in policy (to less violent means) from Palestinians could very well influence a change in policy from the US on the federal level.

    Do you agree with these, or do I need to strike them from the list? If you do, then pointing out Hezbollah’s failure to do this at the core level of teaching their children is valid.

    You may be right about the CIA, but I’m struggling to find a spot where I vehemently defended them, but find numerous places where have you defend terrorist groups.

    To “resist being subjugated by more powerful nations” does not require terrorism and terrorism actually hurts their cause, yet these groups insist on using it.

    Indoctrinating ignorance in children to believe that America is the devil, and to consistently declare war on the US is not useful. And targeting civilians in Israel doesn’t help either. I doubt these children are educated on dollar hegemony after their “I’m ready to die for Islam” sessions.

    But we’ve already agreed on these things. And if you can’t take a little criticism of Hezbollah (a group we have all acknowledged as a terrorist group), with the reams and reams and pages and pages of criticism you dish out on US and Israel, you are indeed on the wrong site. So pick your fights a little better.

    Why defend Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, etc. if you yourself have acknowledged that their agenda has not helped the Palestinian people?

    If you want to continue to speak out against groups, nations, organizations that have damaged the cause of the palestinians, then kudos to you! All I’m saying is add Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al Qada Brigades, etc…to that list of organizations.


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