Interesting Offer From Haniyeh

I guess the sanctions worked after all.

Too bad the sanctions basically derailed the outcome of a free election in the Middle East.

I wonder if the USA would tolerate similar interferences from other nations.

Suppose for a moment that Botswanaland did not like the outcome of the US elections the other day. Suppose further that Botswanaland had immense power, and that it effectively controlled the economy of the US, and decided to impose sanctions in order to punish (not those elected but) the people who voted for the victors. Suppose after a year, the US has no money, no food, no power, chaos reigns,US citizens are being slaughtered by an occupying army on a daily basis. Suppose further that a third-party agency like the UN tried to help the suffering US citizens, but Botswanaland is so powerful that it can effectively stifle any UN attempts at alleviating the suffering.

Would the elected leaders in the US government give up their seats to end the sanctions which are destroying the people that voted them into office?

Just a hypothetical …


8 Responses to “Interesting Offer From Haniyeh”

  1. JohnnyB Says:


    I hear you bro, though the hypothetical was a bit of a stretch. Interesting thing, BBC says Palestinians received $1 Bil a year in aid from the EU and US in 2005

    Now in 2005, it looks like US aid to Israel is about 2.5 billion, not counting loan guarantees (which presumably have to be paid back). I’m looking at wikipedia here.

    The EU also witheld aid to Palestine. If they are not brainwashed by the Zionists like we are how can that be explained?

    Lastly, witholding aid is not the same as sanctions. Sanctions forbid trade to a country from Botswanaland to America, what America did was withold aid. Big difference.

  2. scottie Says:

    before the hamas victory yes

    after, the vote was something like 426-9 in the house for suspending palestinian aid

    ehud olmert came and addressed congress and the israeli prime minister was opposed to the sanctions imposed by the US now if you want to call it soemthign else, thats fine, but effectively, it was sanctions.

    the israeli gov withheld tax money that belonged to the palesitnians ; it wasnt israeli money but somehow they control the flow of money for the palestinian authority

    but the core of the post to begin with is that the sanctions worked, the evil haniyeh is offering to resign, to give up his power, so that his people can suffer less.

    what a ruthless, inhumane, murderous bastard …

  3. scottie Says:

    the vote count i quited i might need to check

    i think now i quoted the one that encouraged the israeli actions in lebanon last summer

    but lemme et back to you on that one

  4. scottie Says:

    On February 15th (2006) the House voted to suspend the rules and consider S. Con. Res. 79, a non-binding resolution stipulating that no direct aid should be granted to the Palestinian Authority so long as fifty per cent or more of the seats in the Palestinian Legislative Council were held by a party calling for the destruction of Israel.

    The approach of S. Con. Res. 79 different from that of HR 4681 (see the Feb. 3rd issue of the Round-Up for details of HR 4681). Not only does S. Con. Res. 79 focus exclusively on one issue and one sanction, but on this issue it uses a very different benchmark. While S. Con. Res. 79 calls for an end to aid to the PA if 50 percent or more of the PLC is composed of people who support the destruction of Israel, HR 4681 would require an end to aid to the PA – and a long list of additional sanctions – so long as a single person who is a member of a Foreign Terrorist Organization is serving anywhere in the PA.

    VOTE : 367 – 37 – 34

    this is straight from the house records

    ps johnny b, did you notice the word “sanction” and words “additonal sanctions” from the house minutes ?

  5. JohnnyB Says:

    Scottie, from Wikipedia:

    Economic sanctions are economic penalties applied by one country (or group of countries) on another for a variety of reasons. Economic sanctions include, but are not limited to, tariffs, trade barriers, import duties, and import or export quotas.

    I guess I glossed over the “but not limited to” part. Since EU aid was greater than US aid, one must think that was a deal-breaker.

    According to this, if Hamas accepted the existence of Israel then sanction would be lifted?

    Hey does the timing of this have to do with the elections? Just curious.

  6. scottie Says:

    the offer came after the elections

    i think it more has to do with the ongoing military beat-down the gaza is receiving

    hamas should recognize israel

    again, i made the point in a previous post that fatah and hamas agreed over the summer to implicitly recognize israel, and this came literally 5 hours before the idf re-entered gaza, claiming it was in response to cpl gilad shalit’s “kidnapping”. his capture was a response from the idf , in fact, kidnapping 2 palestinian civilians the day before.

    the point is that the recognition of israel by hamas was in hand, and then the idf destroyed the power in gaza, built up a siege around the gaza , and began killing palestinians at a merciless rate.

    after this, the agreement by hamas and fatah was academic

  7. Logipundit Says:

    Hey do you mind posting a link to something about that…I’m having trouble finding it.



  8. scottie Says:

    found this in my first google search; about 15 seconds butch …

    you suck!


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