I just got this email this morning from one of my dear friends who is understandably upset after working really hard on the road for a losing Republican Senatorial candidate the past few days:

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Here comes Pelosi and “San Francisco” Values

With Nancy Pelosi the presumed Speaker and the likes of Charles Rangel sitting in the Judiciary Committee Chairman’s seat — the key seat for immigration reform — ultra-liberal “San Francisco values” will certainly be at the forefront of the Dem’s immigration agenda. Remember — San Francisco is a “city of refuge” and bars city employees from cooperating with federal agencies on immigration enforcement.

Our staff is already gearing up. For starters, we prepared this “backgrounder” on Pelosi for you:

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I almost replied all and said – can’t we even wait 3 days before we start the attacks and let America try to come together? When does the endless campaign end and the actual work of governing commence? Or is actual governing a thing of the past – now all we do is shout at each other and posture to make the other side look bad and raise money?

I understand the reasoning behind the Republican’s push to villianize the Democrats so they can win back control in 08.

But are we not even willing to see what the new mix can accomplish? Even the President said yesterday he can invision MORE progress on many issues – including illegal immigration working with Democrats. If the President can get real and come to the table to, as he says, “get something done”, why can’t we?

I’m just curious …


One Response to “Already?”

  1. EM Says:

    I don’t see any problems with anticipating what issues will be brought up if the result of that anticipation is full participation and interaction with our lawmakers.

    In fact, this is what we should have been doing all along instead of reacting.

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