‘How’s That Working for You?’

ABC News: Republicans: ‘How’s That Working for You?’

Interesting article from a disaffected conservative giving advice to Republicans on how they could turn the tide this election cycle. What struck me was the naivete that so many conservatives have about their own party:

If the Republican Party can shun the K Street special-interest lobbyists and reclaim its image as the populist crusader for the rights of the people, it can make a comeback.

I guess it’s easy to forget (or maybe just never inform yourself) that Tom Delay and Newt Gingrich created the “K Street Project” back in 1994 after taking control of congress. This Project basically denied access to any lobbyist who was not affiliated with the GOP through their donor dollars.

“Pay to Play” became the mantra of Capitol Hill because of Republicans – just look at the earmarks on our spending bills in the GOP-controlled congress vs. the 40 years of Democratic rule. While patronage under both parties is rampant, the GOP has taken it to new levels by taking special care to cultivate strong alliances with the special interest community on K Street.

What is needed is a change from “One Party Rule” on Capitol Hill. Only when the GOP ceases to control access, appropriations and the congressional calendar will K Street’s hold on our government be broken.

Or at least loosened 🙂


4 Responses to “‘How’s That Working for You?’”

  1. Logipundit Says:

    You insinuate that K Street was created by Republicans? There’s a good chance that they would argue that the “project” was created to counter the stronghold of special interests entrenched from the other side of the aisle for 40 years. Did they overcompensate? LOL…UH…yeah.

    Viguerie makes a good point on negative campaigning, but describing his views of his own party as naive is to not read the whole article that you yourself cited.

    If you just heard of him (other than the two posts and the book I’ve referenced on him within the last couple of weeks), then read up…he’s the guy that invented direct mail campaigning back in the 60s. His Conservative credentials are very hard to call into question, though.

    But you’re probably right, he just never “informed himself” that the Republicans betrayed what they promised back in 1994; unless, of course, you take into account the fact that this very subject of betrayal is ALL that Viguerie talks about.

  2. DC Offline Says:

    Maybe I misunderstood his tone – and yes, this is the only thing I’ve read from him. I still have not bought the book .

    To argue that the K Street Project and “Pay to Play” that Tom Delay instituted was not a huge departure from the way business was done under Democrat rule is somewhat naïve – and I stand by that.

  3. Logipundit Says:

    Stand by it you should, and I’m confident that Viguerie would stand by his, which I will repeat:

    “If the Republican party can shun the K Street special-interest lobbyists and reclaim its image as the populist crusader for the rights of the people, it can make a comeback”

    Where in this statement is the Republican party left blameless for the situation on K street, and in what way is it a bad idea for Republicans to shun special-interest lobbyists?

    I agree with you, but why use a quote from someone else who agrees with you and then call him and all who vote Republican “naive” and “uninformed”. I just don’t follow.

  4. Logipundit Says:

    By the way, here’s someone who agrees with Viguerie that Conservatives may be better served by Republicans losing:


    I admit, I still have trouble rationalizing it, and am not completely convinced that Democrats would immediately step up and “take responsibility for tough choices in wartime”. But I do agree that things function a lot better when different parties control those two branches.

    And if you say, “agreed. Go Team Pelosi”…I’m going to figure out a way to express vomit on a blog.

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