avigdor lieberman, the man and his beliefs

with his qualifications and his belief system, avigdor lieberman is a prime candidate for the next prime minister of israel

read the link please


3 Responses to “avigdor lieberman, the man and his beliefs”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    My suggestion to Mr. Lieberman’s beliefs:

    Give Israel U.S. Statehood status and almost all of the Israelis who have been waiting for visas to the U.S. will relocate to NY. There would be no question of relocating Palestinians to other Arab states or Europe…Israel would be empty.

  2. scottie Says:

    well, if you can find a way for nyc to assimilate 5.5 million jewish israelis then i am all ears

    many american jews relocated to israel because of their belief in zionism

    i respect that completely, dropping a life in the us to be a part of something they considered to be visionary

    if only the zionist vision did not come at the expense of the indigenous poopulation of palestine, namely the palestinians

    theodor herzl knew when he wrote “der judenstadt” (the jewish state) that there would be significant problems attempting to create a jewish homeland in a place with an overwhelming arab majority

    as such, herzl argued for uguanda to be the location, and not palestine

    i am curious if the world would witness the same problems as we are currently in the middle east if herzl’s prescience was considered seriously

    maybe the indigenous uguandans would be experiencing the bantustan system that the palestinians are now facing

    who knows

    maybe, just maybe, the thing that people should realize is that when the entire civilized world was moving towards integration and equality of races and diverse compositions of race and religion, that creating a nation meant for one race and/or religion was counter-progressive …

    but i digress

    keep offering input, anonymous, but feel free to include your name as well

    we don’t bite

    or at least i don’t bite

    if you are a “liberal” logipundit might bite you !


  3. Logipundit Says:

    Absolutely, anonymous. Welcome.

    yeah I bite…but not liberals…just stupid people.

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