Air America Radio Files for Chapter 11

Shock and Horror. Never would have thought that these guys weren’t just ROLLING in the dough. What a sad commentary for liberals everywhere that Franken, et al., was tasked with trying to match the conservatives on the “alternative media.”

Hopefully next time, they pick smarter people to represent their views.

Air America Radio Files for Chapter 11


One Response to “Air America Radio Files for Chapter 11”

  1. Jim G. Hamster Says:

    The problem is their venture was never market-driven. Not that they didn’t choose the correct people. There was no demand for liberal talk radio except from those who bankrolled this boondoggle.

    Conservative talk radio works and is profitable because the mainstram media is liberal. You have to seek out conservative talk radio, but mainstream media is ubiquitous. Air America was the alternative to the alternative media. That just gets you back to where you started.

    That is, the mainstream media is rain, conservative radio is an umbrella to get out of the rain, and Air America is a sprinkler to use while it’s raining. If you’re a liberal, you’re not using an umbrella anyway, so why do you need a sprinkler in the rain?

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