Like I give a flying flip!!

My grandmother used to have this saying…”That just boils my blood!” This story made me so mad I literally punched the radio.

I do not give a care who molested you as a child, Schmoley. Take responsibility for your stinking actions. This is such a Liberal thing to do. Go into rehab and blame a priest from 35 years ago for your being a complete perv today. Society made you do it.


6 Responses to “Like I give a flying flip!!”

  1. scottie Says:

    “this is such a liberal thing to do”

    your post was quite fine without this inclusion

    your argument was good, up to that point

    why drag politics into it?

    it sounds like hannity or o’reilly

    we need to progress beyond being label-makers , and that goes for everyone

    make arguments, not labels

    i might make a bumper sticker with that idea!

    but i bet that i will be labeled a liberal for expressing this sentiment LOL

    even though i am not

  2. Logipundit Says:

    How could you possibly say that when your very next post starts with the label “neocons”?

    You use that label like it’s going out of style…”Bushie” is another one I’ve heard on this site and that’s way more specific and partisan.


    Liberal is not partisan. This is a non-partisan site, but it is whole-heartedly a political one and I will continue to use labels that I think are useful–arguably more useful than “neo-con” which even neo-cons don’t know what that means.

    It’s important not to take yourself too seriously here at Logipundit.

  3. scottie Says:

    point taken

    i have never said things like “such a neo-con thing to do” though

    yes, labels must be used to describe groups

    more the point was that liberals or democrats have nothing to do with foley’s immoral behavior, so why drag them into the foley mix

    i am aware of the political nature of the site, but that does not mean that all statements must be political

    “foley behaved immorally” is not a political statement

    “foley behaved immorally, and blamed his past like the damned liberals” is a political statement

    that’s all my point was, mr defensive player of the year


    by the way, did you read that long article that you referenced?

  4. Logipundit Says:



    Haven’t read it, which is why I haven’t commented on it yet…it is a long one.

    If you see anything in my post that says that Democrats have anything to do with Foley’s behavior, let me know. It wasn’t suggested, insinuated or implied.

    It just makes a Conservative really mad when a Representative of the party they typically support not only abandons the MORAL principles that they supposedly adhere to, but in the next breath, abandon all the political principles that Conservatives hold dear.

    In this case, the right think to do (in my humble opinion) would be to take full responsibility for your actions and apologize to all they represent (once)…no passing the buck, no blaming anyone else. “I’m sorry, I’m a perv, I shouldn’t have done it, I’m resigning, I pray that my friends and family forgive me.” Then (preferably) kindly drop off the face of the f***ing Earth.

    Instead he checks into rehab as if what he did can be explained as an addiction problem, then drags a priest from 35 years ago into the issue. This sort of deferring responsibility for bad behavior I would describe as adhering to “Liberal” habits…

    Maybe the label is incomplete, but the media and Hollywood parade us daily with the message of blame society, and our background, and the Church, the color of our skin, and “addiction” (and equating being a perv and hitting on teenage boys with alcohol addiction is an insult to alcoholics everywhere) instead of simply taking responsibility for our failures.

    These are the opposite of Conservative principles, and when “Conservatives” act like Liberals (Foley, Mel Gibson, Trent Lott), I lose it.

  5. JohnnyB Says:

    I recall Gibson specifically NOT blaming his childhood, father, etc, the kind of whining and backpedaling Foley or Lott produced. He admitted his mistakes and took responsibility for them, for the most part. That he was drinking and driving and anti-semitic does not = liberal.

  6. Logipundit Says:

    You’re absolutely right…and by no means do I consider drinking and driving a “liberal” thing. But what Gibson did do was go into rehab, thus blaming alcoholism for part of his “problem”, and then schedule meetings with Jewish “leaders” to help him deal with his “problem.”

    But you’re right, nothing like what Foley and Lott did…but then again, Gibson’s not a politician either.

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