A Faith-Based Battle for Voters

A Faith-Based Battle for Voters – washingtonpost.com

I don’t know how many of you saw this interview on 60 Minutes last night, but David Kuo is saying many of the things that I’ve been saying for some time here.

Religious conservatives have been used by this administration and the Republican party in general ever since Ronald Reagan. When I was just a ‘wee tyke’, my family was always excited to see what we called “men (or women) of God” elected to office – figuring that people of faith just had more integrity in general and could lead our country in the right direction.

We now know that claiming a religious affiliation on your resume does nothing to reduce the likelihood of your being embroiled in political or sexual scandal; and we’ve also learned that the conservative agenda will always be subjugated to the interests of multi-national corporations and wealthy political donors.

David Kuo has come out of the administration and written a book that, by all accounts, should be a siren song to religious conservatives to finally wake up and realize how they have been and still are being used to forward a political agenda that is anything but aligned to their goal of making the world, well, more godly.


4 Responses to “A Faith-Based Battle for Voters”

  1. Logipundit Says:

    It’s nice to know that 60 minutes has such a heart for Christian conservatives now. Thank God they’re looking out for us.

    If this guy isn’t a political plant, I don’t know who is. OK, so who hasn’t made fun of Pat Robertson? He’s asking to be made fun of.

    That being said, conservatives in general are always being taken for granted by the GOP (see my last post), Christian and Non-Christian alike. Most disturbing though is Kuo’s message of “Christian Conservatives just need to take a breather from politics.” That’s a blatant attempt to suppress the Republican vote, and is complete poppycock.

    I hope those Christian Conservatives watching don’t somehow think that staying home and letting Nancy Pelosi become Speaker of the House would better serve their interests.

    I’m with Scottie…we just need to “send the charlatan’s packing” and start over.

  2. scottie Says:


    send the bastards packing

    vive le national referendum!!!!!!

    there has been only one direct democracy in history, and that occurred in ancient greece

    people had to serve in public office ; it was compulsory and it was rotating, with small terms

    we needed a system of representation in the late 1700’s and beyond due to technological constraints , not so anymore

    people in BFE kansas had to send an elected rep to voice their issues, as BFE kansas was quite isolated from the center of government

    is that still the case?

    americans use the power of the vote for such crucial issues as american idol, greatest sports moment in 2006, aol polls on who wants to be a millionaire, but we cannot figure a way to use the same technological means to allow americans to vote on key political issues, thus bypassing our corrupt system of representation

    i could vote with the democrats on a healthcare system being funded by income taxes

    i could vote with the libertarians on elimination of the federal reserve act

    i could vote with the republicans on the issue of abortion

    i could vote with the green party on foreign policy issues

    i could vote with the constitution party on limiting the overall size of the government

    i could vote again with the libertarians on eliminating the personal income tax, which would also kill the healthcare funding, but oh well 🙂

    you guys do not see how this would be awesome?

    the middle man is corrupt ; fire his ass

    this would be a bottum-up democracy instead of a top-down democratic system, the one we currently experience but with many restrictions and qualifications

    voter fraud
    corruption at all levels
    system hi-jacked by special interest groups
    government secrecy
    government lies
    propaganda-driven choices of candidates
    weakening of the constitution
    shredding of the bill of rights

    and i could add more, but i won’t

  3. scottie Says:

    typo :

    bottom-up not “bottum-up”

    i got a little excited

  4. Logipundit Says:

    I do not agree at all that a national referendum is the best option. When I say send them packing I mean replace them and change the system so that they are not forming little fiefdoms with our tax dollars.

    A Representative Republic is not in and of itself the evil. It is the system of taxation, pork barrel politics, and cronyism that needs to be eliminated.

    Technology doesn’t solve the problem, and having no lobbyists and no professional legislators does not solve the problem…as I’ve pointed out before…if a high enough ratio of the population was informed enough for a referendum government to be effective, then Congress would not be in the shape that’s in.

    Apathy and naivete is not solved by saying, “Hey you can vote directly for this stuff.”

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