Pre-Iraq War Summary of Bush and Terror

This article summarizes the main thesis of the wonderful book by Dick Clarke “Aginst All Enemies”

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True censorship

Speaking of China, a writer often ambivalent about the mainland re-revises some of the history of the Korean war, from the Chinese perspective. Interesting to see what true censorship is like, as opposed to “the media is controlled by ____” type of censorship that bandied about in various forms from Iranian leaders and MIT profs.

Ha Jin (link above) describes true censorship, the ‘censorship’ described by the likes above is found in books published and printed across this country, which usually end up in the remainder bin at your local book store.

Interesting Walt and Mearsheimer rebuttal

The above article makes some interesting points about the influence and history of AIPAC and Israel. In all honesty the Walt and Mearsheimer paper is a rather sober account and not an Israel bashing diatribe…however I think it does minimize the threat to Israel to makes it’s point. I haven’t read the whole W & M paper (dissertation, remember?) but I think it is a worthy read. I also think the above is a solidly researched history as well. I think there are bigger foreign policy threats to US than Israel, namely Iran and, in the long run, China. As mentioned in one of the previous links the Saudi lobby is probably more dangerous (i.e. representing a government which is far less of an ally than Israel, and highly tolerant of anti-American terrorists) than the Israel lobby.

hmmmm, the bushies are worried a little bit

interesting article from commondreams about the admin’s fear of war crimes charges and/or prosecutions …

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Saddam, Ahmadinejad, and Chavez

Many blogs ago, I asked Butch to elucidate on why he believed the US invaded Iraq, since the reasons offered by the Bushies were all fraudulent and contrived. Not to put him on the spot again, but rather to explain the real reason the Iraq war was pursued: The lesson can be instructive to try and understand the stepped-up rhetoric against Ahmadinejad and Chavez, especially after Chavez’s speech today at the UN.

Saddam has WMD’s and plans to use them against the US
Saddam is violating UN resolutions
Saddam is an evil Hitlerian dictator
The US will free an oppressed people
The US wants to promote democracy in the Middle East

In a nutshell, BS, BS, BS, BS, BS !

For more insight, please read the above link after my distillation of why the US attacked Iraq, and why Iran and Venezuela are soon to be the next victims of US pre-emptive attacks.

Nixon tore apart Bretton-Woods in 1971, and made a secret deal with the Saudis to only accept the US dollar in exchange for OPEC oil. Thus started dollar hegemony. Its quite ingenious, actually. Suppose country A needs OPEC oil, well country A trades goods and services to the US for the dollars our treasury prints, costing only paper and ink and labor. Well for country A it is similar to a barter system, but for the US, the dollar is the middleman in transactions that basically guarantee continued demand for the dollar. Again, the US dollar is backed by nothing except OPEC oil, and if that ever changes, the US economy will experience another depression, this time one that would inevitably drag all markets down with it.

In 2000 Saddam Hussein publicly stated that he would accept Euros for Iraqi oil. He was the first leader of an OPEC state to do so. If other nations followed suit, the dollar would be reduced to monopoly money basically.

The US invaded Iraq to ensure this would never happen. The chief architect to pushing war with Iraq was Paul Wolfowitz, if you believe Clarke or Woodward. Wolfowitz is now President of the World Bank, which is also overseeing the reconstruction of the Gaza (joke).

In fact, soonafter Saddam’s plans were made public, many NEOCON hotbeds started calling for war with Iraq …. The American Enterprise Institute, The Washington Report on Near East Policy, JINSA, The Hudson Institute, PNAC and its insidious warmongering Zionist head Bill Kristol, etc, etc etc.

Well, Ahmadinejad has proposed an Iranian oil bourse system that will accept Euros or Yen for Iranian oil, and it would completely cut out the dollar in oil exchanges.

Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela also belongs to OPEC and is the 5th largest oil-producing state. Chavez also has made overtures on accepting other currencies than the dollar. The 2 leaders have formed an alliance, and it seems the first target is the dollar.

For this reason, these 2 leaders and their countries will be next.

So look past the smokescreens of what Ahmadinejad said about the Holocaust, or wiping Israel off the map (which was misquoted by the way) and look past the smokescreen of Chavez calling Bush a devil, those 2 countries will know how fanatical this government is and how determined it is to preserve dollar hegemony.

Incidentally, the 2 banks which deal with petro-dollar exchanges are located in Atlanta, and are 2 member banks of the original Federal Reserve System, and an institution not to be trifled with. Just ask JFK.

Please read the above link now, as it contains much more insightful details.



Evolution and Theology

The above links to an interesting post on evolution and theology, and politics. I don’t agree with all of it, but most of it. For so long conservatives were branded as social darwinists, but now as crazy creationists. Anyway it’s worth a look.

New Jesus Camp Documentary

I’m just throwing this out there. Don’t have much opinion until I see it. I just know Rothell is into docs and wondered if he knew anything about this. Also, Mike Papintonio is in it. Looks like it at least tries to be a doc and not propaganda, but again I haven’t seen it.