For Butch and Butch only …

All right buddy, the gloves are off and this might get a bit ugly.

Helen Thomas had a showdown with Pres Bush in the spring, when she asked Bush to explain why we actually went to war with Iraq, since all the reasons offered turned out to be rubbish.

He never answered the question.

So off the cuff, no further research, straight from the heart, I want you, Butch Porter to explain :

1. Why you think we went to war in Iraq, since all the reasons offered have been shredded by the factual record.

2. Do you still think on August 17, 2006 that the Iraq war was the right thing to do?
(even if you originally thought it was ok, have you learned anything which has now created doubts?)

Posted at 08:43 pm by Scottie

Posted by BP @ 08/18/2006 11:17 AM PDT
Off the cuff and with no further research, you’re making this way too personal. I’m not pressuring you and you only to answer any of my posts.”civility and “gloves off” do not mix. This is your site, too, and you can post on anything you want, but I would appreciate:

a) a post on something other Israel and the Middle East.

b) A little less beligerance

And to answer your question; off the cuff and with no further research. Yes I think Iraq was the right thing to do. I wish it would have been sold a different way, and I wish it would have gone a lot better, but I believe it was the right thing to do.

This site was created for a free exchange of ideas…and the reason you were invited on the site is mainly because we will NEVER agree on certain issues. It is not necessary for everyone to agree with me…or you…to post. That’s the fricking point of the fricking site. You can post all you want regardless of your tone. But you will never get another response from me until that tone is BOTH intellectually honest and CIVIL, and CONSIDERABLY less personal.

Make it a great day.


Posted by BP @ 08/18/2006 04:43 PM PDT
Scottie…didnt’ mean to be evasive just didn’t get a chance to post my answer to the first question…had a couple of appts…here’s what I had…

OH…and I believe quite sincerely in Dick Clarke’s assertions for why we went into Iraq:

To establish another ally in a region of the world where we DESPERATELY need one.

To maintain some modicum of control on oil reserves which unfortunately our “evil military-industrial-congressional complex” is completely dependent upon.

To give someone in the middle east a fighting chance to be a democracy so that maybe others in the middle east would follow suit.

To be able to pull our bases out of Saudi Arabia, right next door to holy Islamic sites that was a major cause of grievance with Muslims.

There might have been on or two more, but this was off the cuff, from memory with no further research.

If I recall correctly you begged me to read “Against all Enemies” and I did, and promptly told you that he was a partisan hack, but the reasons he laid out in the end of the book that the “neocons” went into Iraq made good sense to me. Then you said…”well he doesn’t know everything” you need to read so and such and such…so I read some of Chomsky’s stuff and I read completely through George Soros’ site…mainly because he had a history of fighting communism, which is ALWAYS brushed aside when these arguments start coming up.

I even commented on Soros’ site and even got a response back on the site that was so lacking in substance and so self-referential that it made me feel like Rothell talking about religion. Speaking of, I read People’s History of the United States on Rothell’s recommendation, and I simply disagree with some of the conclusions made in the book that white westerners embody all that is evil and everyone else is just poor victims. Call me a social darwinist…but I just wasn’t convinced.

Does that make me a neo-con? Probably so…whatever the F*** that means. If you don’t like the fact that I’m a “neocon” and I’m not going to buy everything that self-hating Jews, anti-Zionists and communists spew out, just because it’s in a book, then my sincerest apologies. But you don’t see me referring to David Horowitz EVERY time I post, or
Note created Aug 18, 2006
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