Islamic Fascists?

News Analysis: ‘Islamic fascists’? Bush sees a war of ideology – Americas – International Herald Tribune

Every morning here in Jakarta, I wake up and head up to the 18th floor to eat breakfast, drink some excellent coffee and read the International Herald Tribute – a fascinating paper out of London that you can find online at One of the articles today that cought my attention I have linked to above.

A critical debate in the United States today – among political candidates and among national security experts – is whether five years of war declarations and war-making have helped to make the country more secure. Or, even in the absence of a major attack on the United States since Sept. 11, 2001, has this strategy created greater danger by providing terror groups with exactly what they crave: the sense that they are a unified army of jihadists? And has the strategy radicalized large swaths of the Muslim world in ways that were not imaginable as recently as 2003?

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Posted by Scottie @ 08/16/2006 09:27 PM PDT
I have watched many talks on CSPAN in which pro-Israel ideologues use terms like “Islamic Fascists”, long before W used the term in any of his speeches.

Just wondering if the same apparatus would tolerate terms like “Judeo-Fascists” or “Christian-Nazis” or other such ridiculous characterizations of groups of people who have serious grievances?

Posted by DC Offline @ 08/16/2006 10:01 PM PDT
To your point – it just serves to re-inforce the perception that we were desperately trying to AVOID in the first two years after 9/11: that we are at war with Islam itself.

Just this morning, I saw the Supreme Leader of Iran declare a major “victory”for Islam b/c of the UN cease-fire – not Hezbollah – ISLAM.

This will only continue to spread to include every Islamic nation in the world if we do not examine the root causes of this militant attitude around the world and work to combat this worldview with our own, very different perspective.

It is already starting to spill over to Asia-Pac here in Indonesia – it is beyond disturbing to see the passions of the people here running in parallel against America – not because of our policies here (we are one of the biggest investors in their economy) – but because they are ISLAMIC and feel kinship with their brothers in faith in the Middle East.

We cannot afford this to spread along lines of faith.


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