Foiled Plot Doesn’t Make Us Safer

Foiled Plot Doesn’t Make Us Safer –

My friend Jeff just sent me this article with the following thoughts:


“Obviously, I think banning liquids, balms, creams, and even TOOTHPASTE from airliners is absolutely absurd. (Reminds me of 5 years ago when TSA made me and thousands of others break off the little nail file on my nail clippers, because somehow I could gain control of a plane using the deadly force of….. Nail Clippers.) Yes, I realize that this plot included using liquid explosives, but COME ON: toothpaste??? (I can see the headline: “Toothpaste Terrorism!” (I just coined that phrase, thank you very much, royalties are due if you re-use it.)

Soon, we’ll find out that if you take off your polyester shirt in the lavatory (leaving another shirt underneath it so you don’t look undressed when you exit the lav), and stuff it between the plastic wall and the metal hull and light it on fire with an electric razor which you have short-circuited previously so it will spark (you plug this into the outlet in the lav to get your electricity), that you can create a serious fire, serious enough to damage control cables running to the tail, and thus cause the plane to crash. You walk out of the lav, sit back down, and let the fire build. Coming soon to an airport near you: we’ll all be flying in our underwear, with maybe airline-issued paper gowns like the ones they give you at the hospital. Think it’s far-fetched? What’s to stop a terrorist group from stashing explosive liquids in vials inserted into their body cavities, and then combining them onboard to create the very same bomb that London foiled earlier this week? You see, there’s really no end to the creativity of the people who want to cause death on a spectacular, mass scale.

WHAT IS MUCH MORE TROUBLING IS WHY all of this is happening, and how we can stop it. The article above is an interesting counterpoint to the Bush nonsense about the “war on terror” and how we are battling “Islamic facists” who simply are bent on “destroying democracy…” and “the freedom we all love” blah blah blah. WHY are they so bent on destroying democracy, and on killing you, me, our children, their children, and everybody else who is American???? Do they “hate freedom”? Of course not. Do they hate America? Absolutely. (Big difference, George.)

What I thought was most poignant about this article was the part about why the ranks of would-be suicide bombers continues to grow. What is causing legions and legions of people to think that the only way they can live their lives the way the want to is to kill every American they can find, and for all of them to be willing to die in the process? Hmmm, something’s amiss here…could it be that the Good Old US of A is actually partly to blame for the problems that we find ourselves ensnared in?”

Posted at 10:07 pm by DC Offline

Posted by BP @ 08/16/2006 12:47 PM PDT
This is a childish exercise.

I’m sorry, I can certainly see some of the points of the article and your friend Jeff, even though I may disagree with some of the conclusions.

But I fail to see how foiling a plot to kill 1000 innocent civilians isn’t a positive. If they WOULD have pulled it off, would THAT have made us safer? Is it necessary that another 911 happen in order to “wake us up” from our “sheople” ways and demand that our imperialist government stop the “so-called war on terror” because we’re just making them madder?

First, let’s assume for a second that Western/Israeli policy toward the Middle East is partly to blame. Is it 100% to blame? Does the common man in Iran, Syria, Palestine, etc. hate Americans anyone in the countries hate us solely because of our geo-political strategies or because we’re the infidels and should be destroyed?

Should those responsible for killing innocent civilians take NO responsibility for their actions? Do THEY have an alternative to blowing themselves–and us–up? It’s all our fault so we should just give up foiling plots.

I know…everytime we kill one, another two just jump right up in his place. So we should just let them blow us up?

Maybe that’s it, though!..It’s keeping suicide bombers from killing innocent civilians…THAT is what’s pissing off the Muslim Extremists. I doubt it.

My point is…yes we should work on solutions on the geo-political issues, but don’t flipping tell me that stopping them from blowing up people on airplanes is just making them madder, or if it is, that we should give a flying flip.

What alternative do we have but to at least protect ourselves through security measures? Regardless of WHY we’re ensnared, should we just say to hell with security while we try to accomodate the terrorists. My hunch is they’re not going to wait around and NOT bomb us because we don’t have security measures in place.

Posted by DC Offline @ 08/16/2006 09:36 PM PDT

I’ve read and reread this article and still cannot find where he argues for the USA to stop defending itself or somehow lower security. In fact, just the opposite as articulated by this paragraph:

“It is a mistake to believe there is no threat to the United States of America. And that is why we have given our officials the tools they need to protect our people.”

I don’t think that’s the point of the article. Even Sun Tsu and Machiavelli (certainly not ones for placating their enemies) would argue that besides “Know yourself”, “Know your enemy” ranks #2 in the rules of effective warfare. The following paragraph really sums up this point of view:

“What’s at work in the heads of those who would kill themselves to slaughter Americans is less Al Qaeda’s ideology, such as it is, than a pervasive sense that Muslims are under attack: their lands occupied; their men, women and children victimized around the world.”

I’ve seen several of your posts deriding those who would attempt to “understand the terrorists” as if that’s some kind of task that’s beneath our dignity – or a sign of our weakness. Actually it’s just the opposite – how can you wage war without understanding what it will take for your enemy to surrender or abdicate their cause?

Posted by DC Offline @ 08/16/2006 10:03 PM PDT
Scotty made an interesting comment to my Islamo-Facist article below that’s about to fall off the page, so I thought I would post my response to his comment here as well so I can get your feedback:

To your point – it just serves to re-inforce the perception that we were desperately trying to AVOID in the first two years after 9/11: that we are at war with Islam itself.

Just this morning, I saw the Supreme Leader of Iran declare a major “victory”for Islam b/c of the UN cease-fire – not Hezbollah – ISLAM.

This will only continue to spread to include every Islamic nation in the world if we do not examine the root causes of this militant attitude around the world and work to combat this worldview with our own, very different perspective.

It is already starting to spill over to Asia-Pac here in Indonesia – it is beyond disturbing to see the passions of the people here running in parallel against America – not because of our policies here (we are one of the biggest investors in their economy) – but because they are ISLAMIC and feel kinship with their brothers in faith in the Middle East.

We cannot afford this to spread along lines of faith.

Posted by BP @ 08/17/2006 08:09 AM PDT
You’re absolutely right, Hemati…there is nowhere in the article that mentions security measures as being useless…except for of course the title of the article.

We’re completely in agreement, E, we definitely need to understand our enemies but I think it’s valuable at times to just sit back and thank God that we stopped 1000 people from being killed.

As I stated earlier, I think the geopolitical issues and the role of the “evil empire” are important, but I think it’s just as bad of an idea to degrade the thousands of people who are working to make us safer via security measures, as it is to simply ignore the reasons why we’re being attacked.

“Foiled Plot doesn’t make us safer” is a great scare tactic, and I understand the political point, but that’s all it is, and it’s insulting to those who realize that UNTIL we fix all of our international affairs, we need to be protected.

Posted by Scottie @ 08/17/2006 08:41 PM PDT
Great comments by DC OFFLINE and I completely agree. Root causes of the problem got swept under the rug recently, as they did after 9-11. Gov Keane tried to expose the findings of the 9-11 commission, and the American people need to learn WHY, the essential WHY.

In response to Butch’s invalid inference, of course the perpetrators of terrorist activities should be held accountable for their despicable actions …

But that goes for all forms of terrorism, be it jihadists or states like Israel or branches of governments like the CIA. All these groups should be held accountable.

But if you really want to solve a problem, not window-dress it or be P.C. or write blogs, but solve a problem, you must first examine the problem, and that means root source of the problem.
If you cut the head off a bullnettle, and dont remove the root, you will see the nettle again.

POST 9-11 I believe the entire American public needs to understand :

1. US Aid to Israel (Military Aid)
2. AIPAC and its grip on Congress and foreign policy in the Middle East
3. Israel’s non-compliance of UN resolutions (with tacit US approval)
4. Israel’s history and the status of Palestinians now
5. Reports like Walt and Mearsheimer’s
6. Neo-Con agendas
7. The role of the pro-Israel presses in the US concerning issues in the OT and the Lebanese devastation ; i.e. the biased nature of reporting
8. Israel’s various occupations and the brutality thereof

If, after having an open forum discussion on all these issues and maybe a few more, the majority of Americans think that US foreign policy is still ok, then I’ll shut up. My gut feeling suggests that when Americans, if they ever would take their governance seriously, would learn about these facets of the problem, there would be a change. This change would be good for the US, the Middle East in general, and Israel as well.


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